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Public warned vs. unhealthy food this holiday season


TACLOBAN CITY -- The National Nutrition Council (NNC) has reiterated its call to the public against feasting on unhealthy food this holiday season.

Niño Archie Labordo, NNC Region 8 senior nutrition officer, said Friday that people tend to convenient­ly forget about health and diet at this time of the year as they join numerous parties and social gatherings.

“It’s easy to understand why some fall into such bad habit since this season is considered the happiest and sweetest time of the year. People spend quality time with their loved ones through sumptuous celebratio­n,” he said in an interview.

Unhealthy diets, said Labordo, can be harmful and become a major risk factor for a range of chronic diseases including cardiovasc­ular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthr­itis and other conditions linked to obesity.

“We are not saying that we should not allow ourselves to indulge a little or eat this kind of food. However, we control, we should eat in moderation and maintain a varied diet,” Labordo added.

He pointed out just because the effects of unhealthy food are not obvious, it does not mean the illness does not exist.

“This case usually happens to adolescent­s who are at the developmen­tal stage. They might not feel the ef

fects at their age, but they will realize it in their later years,” Labordo said.

The nutrition officer reminded the public to be health-conscious and also serve nutritious food like root crops, vegetables, fruits, and fish during huge gatherings, not just this holiday season but also on normal festivitie­s yearround.

The official suggested taking time bonding with their loved ones this holiday season by doing physical activities citing its benefits to one’s health.

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