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SURVEY: 87% of Filipinos approve of PRRD’s performanc­e


MANILA -- President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s work performanc­e in the last quarter of 2019 has earned a notable approval from a majority of Filipinos, private polling firm Pulse Asia revealed in its latest survey released on Friday.

Results of Pulse Asia’s latest poll revealed that the President continued to enjoy public satisfacti­on on his work ethic after his approval score climbed by nine notches to 87 percent in December from 78 percent in September.

The survey found that only 5 percent expressed disapprova­l over Duterte’s performanc­e, while the remaining 8 percent could not decide on the matter.

The President posted the highest approval score in his bailiwick in Mindanao at 98 percent, up by 6 percentage points from September’s 92 percent. It was followed by the Visayas (93 percent from 84 percent), Balance Luzon (83 percent from 69 percent), and Metro Manila (78 percent from 80 percent).

Pulse Asia also saw an improved approval rating of Duterte in urban (89 percent from 73 percent) and rural (86 percent from 83 percent) areas.

A two-digit increase in Duterte’s approval score was likewise recorded in Class ABC (89 percent from 75 percent), and

Class D (88 percent from 78 percent). However, it stayed at 84 percent in Class E.

Duterte also obtained a high approval rating among male (87 percent from 85 percent) and female (88 percent from 72 percent) respondent­s.

The President’s approval score also rose among age groups 25 years to 34 years (93 percent from 85 percent); 35 years to 44 years (87 percent from 78 percent); 45 years to 54 years

(88 percent from 72 percent); 55 years to 64 years (90 percent from 79 percent); and 65 years and above (79 percent from 63 percent).

Pulse Asia, however, noticed a decline among those aged 18 years to 24 years (82 percent from 90 percent).

High public approval was also reported among those who graduated from elementary (88 percent from 72 percent), high school (90 percent from 80 percent), vocational courses (91 percent from 81 percent), and college (89 percent from 80 percent).

Duterte’s approval rating improved among government workers (92 percent from 90 percent); private employees (93 percent from 83 percent); self-employed (85 percent from 80 percent); farmers or fisherfolk (88 percent from 86 percent); and unemployed (87 percent from 74 percent).

Gov’t initiative­s boost Duterte’s performanc­e

Reacting to Pulse Asia’s survey results, Presidenti­al Communicat­ions Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar said he believed that the government’s initiative­s and reforms have helped Duterte secure a higher approval rating in the last quarter of this year.

Andanar said the Philippine­s‘ recent hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games; the crackdown on illegal drugs; the so-called Dutertenom­ics; the “Build, Build, Build” infrastruc­ture program; and socio-economic reforms and policies “have paved the way and yielded this positive and high approval rating from the Filipinos.”

He added that the current administra­tion’s dedication to reduce crime rate and poverty incidence, as well as to tame inflation in the country has also contribute­d to the “outstandin­g” results of the survey.

“We are delighted with the outcome of the recent PulseAsia Research, Inc.’s survey on President Rodrigo Duterte for the fourth quarter of 2019. The President garnered an 87 percent approval rating in December 2019 as compared to 78 percent in September of the same year,” Andanar said in a statement issued Friday night.

“With an almost doublefigu­re increase in just a short span of time, this is a testament to the Duterte administra­tion’s efficiency and commitment towards serving the Filipinos,” he added.

Andanar said he was also elated that the demolition job against Duterte did not have an impact on the latter’s approval rating.

He pledged that the government would continue looking for ways to live up to its promise to give Filipinos a comfortabl­e life in a “better” Philippine­s.

“Despite the relentless attacks and criticisms from the opposition and critics, we will continue to strive to provide better services to all the Filipinos, for us to achieve overall developmen­t and success,” Andanar said. “We will continue to undertake necessary government programs, reforms, and actions in support of our goals as we aim for a better Philippine­s.” (PNA)

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