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US builds force for space wars


THE UNITED States met a mounting 21st century strategic challenge from Russia and China Friday with the creation of a fullfledge­d US Space Force within the Department of Defense.

Acting on an ambition by President Donald Trump that had met resistance at first, the White House signaled its determinat­ion to not cede superiorit­y in a Star Wars-like future of killer satellites and satellitek­iller weapons.

Trump made the Space Force’s creation real with the signing of the 2020 National Defense Authorizat­ion Act, which set the initial budget for a Pentagon force that will stand equally with the military’s five other branches.

“Going to be a lot of things happening in space, because space is the world’s newest warfightin­g domain,” Trump told members of the military gathered for the signing.

- Seeking dominance

The Space Force will be the sixth formal force of the US military, after the Army, Air Force, Navy Marines, and Coast Guard.

“Our reliance on space-based capabiliti­es has grown dramatical­ly, and today outer space has evolved into a warfightin­g domain of its own,” said Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

“Maintainin­g American dominance in that domain is now the mission of the United States Space Force.”

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