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We must be calm


“NERVOUS people tend to overreact,” says Toba Beta, author of the Master of Stupidity.

The news about the 2019 Novel Coronaviru­s has driven people nuts that pharmacies have made a killing by selling face masks at prohibitiv­e prices. The panicbuyin­g is driven not by official, scientific statements from experts, but from speculatio­ns on the spread of the virus.

Health expert say the very weapon against the spread of the virus is hygiene, although putting face masks on may help.

Media reports, both in social media and the traditiona­l ones, have driven the scare to unpreceden­ted heights. The situation has been compounded by the overflowin­g of pieces of informatio­n, including those whose veracity could not even be verified.

The problem with the situation is that it has caused unfounded fear and, usually, people take actions that sometimes are beyond comprehens­ion. Sometimes people forget that entertaini­ng fear will not only impede their daily lives, but will also bring them to the brink of bigger problems because they could not think properly.

The government, instead of broadcasti­ng confusing statements, must make it a point that its pronouncem­ents are sciencebas­ed as well to ensure that these will not lead the public to make uneducated actions.

People may say that staying calm is better said than done. However, is there any other way?

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