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Privatizin­g airport operations is better: Cebu airport exec


ALLOWING a private company to operate the Davao Internatio­nal Airport will boost its growth, said an official of the company that operates the MactanCebu Internatio­nal Airport.

Aines T. Librodo, head of Airline Marketing and Tourism Developmen­t of GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporatio­n (GMCAC), cited the importance of having a private entity to manage the airport based on the experience of her company which manages

the Cebu airport.

“The government has too much things on its plate and it has different priorities,” said Liboro, who was in the city to hold a promotion campaign for the Cebu airport, adding that it would beneficial to the facility if a private entity is allowed to manage the airport.

Last year, the government approved the establishm­ent of the Davao Internatio­nal Airport Authority, a body that will manage the airport after groups like the local business chamber, the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCCI) and other tourism industry stakeholde­rs.

Liboro said the government must immediatel­y come up with the implementi­ng rules and regulation­s so that the private entity can immediatel­y start its task as private entities usually anticipate the needed steps to ensure that the facilities that they operate are competitiv­e in the global markets.

She added that while government entities do not focus much on the promotiona­l activities, private entities, on the other hand, take into account these activities as they campaign to enhance the growth of the facilities.

In an earlier interview, Arturo M. Milan, DCCCI former president, said the establishm­ent of a body to run the airport will result in better management and its faster developmen­t.

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