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PDI headline: “Locsin’s blood-for-blood remark angers Kuwait”

(PDI, P.A5, 27JAN20)


MY COMMENT: Teddy Boy “Wanna-beDU30” Locsin, our DFA chief, should cool off - he’s supposed to be a Diplomat. In the Muslim Tradition “blood-for-money” is customary. So if the Kuwaiti employer is offering ₱58M – Teddy Boy should let Villabende’s family decide, after all, she went there to provide for her family.

Now, she’s done just that. Teddy Boy can have his way – if he matches the offer.

Headline: “Battle for Manila Bay continues” (PH Star, P.1 photo, P.17 story) MY COMMENT: It`s a tough fight – but I think we’re slowly but surely winning. Now, if only Manila water (Ayala) and Maynilad (Pangilinan) can finally Build the sewage treatment plants - which the Metro Manila customers have been paying for since 1997! P.O.G.O.’s

I asked Sonny D. about the PH Offshore Gaming Operations (P.O.G.O.)- whether bottomline it’s good for our country. I told him that Locsin in a TV interview said that China would like to stop this - since it’s illegal and takes money out of their country. Locsin hinted that it’s our Filipino Gambling Operators and Pagcor that want POGO. Sonny said that the big problem is that Chinese crime perpetrato­rs are here now - drugs, prostituti­ons, kidnapping, etc. Now, the Chinese Corona Virus will probably invade us. Not to mention the Chinaman who shits in Intramuros and the Chinese child in Boracay! The big winners here are the condo renters and of course PAGCOR!

Let’s get rid of POGOS - NOW! Headline:”3.7m tourists visited Intramuros in 2019” “Isko wants probe of defecating incident. Yorme orders the manhunt of a foreigner defecating (i.e shitting) on a claypot at Baluarte De Dilao in Intramuros.” (MLA Times, p.A8, 27Jan20)


I’ve seen this photo and the city looks very much like Drilon or Sonny T. Looks Similar!

HEADLINE: “Bong go given Rotary’s golden wheel award” for exemplifyi­ng the Rotarian ideal and the principles of the 4-way test- “Service above self” (MLA Times, p. A1, 27jan20)

MY COMMENT: Congrats, Bong! Keep up the good work! Congrats! Also to Cebu’s Master Painter Romulo Galiciano for the same award.

With PRRD @ Marco Polo

1. Ordered that all gov`t contracts w/ private corps should be reviewed- and if “onerous”- should be renegotiat­ed... Or else...!

1.1 Water concession­aire with Ayala M.V. Pangilinan

1.2 AYALA with UP`S Technohub lease

1.3 Chevron (ex- Caltex) with Batangas Land N.D.C. 1.4 All DPWH contracts Esp. “The right-of-way” deals and constructi­on agreements of the “build, build, build” program.

2. On corruption of top gov’t officials: do not believe that they did “courtesy resignatio­ns” – “I fired all of them. All including my friends and supporters.”

3. He admits that the strenuous job (being President) gets him exhausted - and that he may not reach “the finish line” as we used to say at AdD HS: “finished or not, pass the paper!”

4. Sonny D’s anti-corruption story: shortly before he took over as DOF SEC (and thus, BIR chief), he was told a story that 2 women-examiners extorted ₱1M for settling an e-state tax case. So, at this 1st Staff MTG, he called all the top officials – incl. The Z. gals after the meeting, he asked the Z to stay. He told them to call their banks - and transfer back the ₱1M to the client within 10 minutes after much denying and crying, finally 1 broke down and said to the other: “Sige na nga, totoo naman.” The client was Sonny’s brother-in-law! Way to go, Sonny!!

So I asked Sonny: “did you fire them?!” He said – “no too complicate­d if you had to file cases because of civil service rules... So we just put them in a freezer – where they have no further contracts with clients.” There are “freezers” in every executive department.

“Embarrassi­ng” questions answered honestly

Questions from friends - or foes - as long as these are from honest and sincere, truthful observatio­ns should be answered honestly. No need to take offense especially if the friend is here to help us - The Taal victims and our EARTHQUAKE sufferers in Padada, the friend just wanted to understand us better.

So I answered him as honestly as I could since his observatio­ns were true, right on the mark.

1. Cab Drivers (usually) urinate anywhere - since there are not enough public CRs. Perhaps when we start building “Parking” bldgs., public CRs will be included.

2. We are now starting to close open canals - to help prevent diseases this will take time for budgetary reasons.

3. We’re building a new “Coastal” road which will distance shoreline dwellers. A new river “Embankment” is now being built.

4. Sewage and dirty water treatment plants are badly needed to reduce the e-coli levels in the Davao river and gulf. I told my friend this is where we can help - a Hitech, solar-powered solution.

5. We have ordinances against jaywalking that just need to be enforced - and violators fined.

6. We are now preparing an ordinance banning single-use plastic. But we need to enforce the law against littering.

In general, I think we know what we need - but budget constraint­s exist. Plus these natural disasters keep side-tracking us.

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