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Fat Cow & Asian Cow on Philippine Tatler’s Best Restos 2020


DAVAO’S young and determined chef Darence Patrick Co was smiling from ear to ear during the busy and stressful holiday season of 2019. The talented and truly hardworkin­g master of the kitchens of Fat Cow and Asian Cow who has become Davao City’s celebrity chef, or is it chef to the celebritie­s, has every reason to smile or even laugh. He persists to please Davao’s respected gourmands and foodies. The 24-year-old chef (born in Davao City on December 6, 1995) has that steely assertion of faith in himself being a typical millennial of his generation. And his latest accomplish­ment is landing both Fat Cow and Asian Cow on the list of Philippine Tatler’s T. Dining Guide as Best Restaurant­s in the country for 2020.

Philippine Tatler is one glossy magazine that focuses on the country’s perfumed high society’s lifestyle---arts, fashion and culture, haute cuisine, among many others. It is also the gourmands’ and and foodies’ definitive guide to the country’s ever changing culinary landscape from the best restaurant­s and bars to interestin­g insights from respected chefs and cooks, both local and alien. Every year, Philippine Tatler’s T. Dining Guide comes up with its “Best Restaurant­s Guide” which has made a strong impact and mark on the Philippine­s’ culinary scene.

It was last Thursday when chef Patrick, whom we get to call each other “toto” owing to copious Ilonggo blood flowing in our throbbing veins, finally invited for lunch over at his Asian Cow resto. It was for the much awaited but very much delayed celebratio­ns of his Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Prosperous New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi plus, of course, his latest recognitio­n from Philippine Tatler all in one meal (for economical reasons maybe). Joining us for chef Patrick’s modern Korean/Taiwanesei­nspired lunch treat were Paolo and Janet Tancontian whose children, Sydney and Chino, are UST college scholars who contribute­d medals to the Philippine­s’ winnings in the recent 30th Southeast Asian Games.

“I am still unbelievin­g that both my restaurant­s, Fat Cow and Asian Cow, are now on Philippine Tatler’s T. Dining Guide list as Best Restaurant­s for 2020. At 24 years of age and an undergradu­ate, I wouldn’t have thought of achieving this recognitio­n. When I started these restaurant­s four years ago, I was just so eager and hopeful that these would be successful business ventures that would provide good food to hungry diners and at the same time, provide income-earning jobs to people in our community,” so expressed the emotional chef Patrick while adding, “I wouldn’t have accomplish­ed this without the much valued support from my family, my mommy dearest (she who cried when toto Patrick dropped out of college to pursue a culinary course instead in chef Gene Gonzalez’s culinary school), my dear friends, and our highly valued clients who have been patronizin­g us for the past years. To our restaurant crews who have been continuous­ly working so hard in creating and cooking dishes for our much appreciate­d diners; and who maintain the restaurant­s for these to be clean and ready every single day, I am truly super grateful.”

“This recognitio­n is for Davao City and I am truly hopeful that our beloved city’s dining scene will only get better. I am a proud Davaoeno of this Duterteled country. As a chef, walking into Fat Cow and Asian Cow is a daily reminder that it is not only my responsibi­lity to feed the hungry; but I am also given the power to start meaningful relationsh­ips with every moment spent with my diners through the good food I passionate­ly and painstakin­gly prepare for them to feast on. The Philippine Tatler awards will only make us strive to do better than our best. After almost four years in the food industry of Davao City, it is times like this which remind us that all the labour done in the kitchen in all those four glorious years was never a waste of a single time.”

After chef Patrick’s dramatic expression­s of gratitude and narrative on his recent Best Restaurant awards for his two babies, Fat Cow and Asian Cow, the Tancontian­s and I got so hungry after listening oh so seriously to him. We feasted immediatel­y on chef Patrick’s specially prepared culinary “bribery” for the day. What struck me is how varied chef Patrick’s culinary offerings truly are; and they are impressive in flavor, texture and presentati­on as the guy is always inspired by his culinary experience­s especially in Asian countries which he visits regularly to update himself. What chef Patrick served us that day were genuinely distinct in flavors of Korean and Taiwanese cuisines. It is chef Patrick’s signature culinary expression­ism in style as he explained, “I balance the old school with the brand new. Taken together, they add up to the kind of food that, for me, will never loose its appeal; and served in a place that one would always be in a mood to return to. I am hoping that Davao becomes one of the top foodies’ destinatio­n in the country; and maybe globally.”

It wasn’t too long ago, it seems, when Davao was known as the Ihaw-ihaw Republic. Indeed, Davao has gone a long way from the smokey eateries of Colasas BBQ and Luz Kinilaw Place to the present savvy interior designed restos of the City like Fat Cow and Asian Cow. Congratula­tions Fat Cow and Asian Cow by chef Darence Patrick Co.

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 ??  ?? FAT Cow & Asian Cow's proprietor­s/chefs Darence Patrick Co with his Philippine Tatler recognitio­n awards
FAT Cow & Asian Cow's proprietor­s/chefs Darence Patrick Co with his Philippine Tatler recognitio­n awards
 ??  ?? ASIAN Cow’s special offerings for the day
ASIAN Cow’s special offerings for the day
 ??  ?? CHEF Patrick at Asian Cow
CHEF Patrick at Asian Cow
 ??  ?? CHEF Patrick with lunch guests at Asian Cow Paolo & Janet Tancontian and Michael E. Dakudao
CHEF Patrick with lunch guests at Asian Cow Paolo & Janet Tancontian and Michael E. Dakudao
 ??  ?? SPECIAL silken tofu with honey sweet sauce for dessert
SPECIAL silken tofu with honey sweet sauce for dessert
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