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Duterte orders dev’t of Mile Long


MANILA -- President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the developmen­t of two-hectare Mile Long property in Makati City to enable the government to generate more revenues for priority programs.

In Administra­tive Order 21 signed on January 29, the President directed the Privatizat­ion and Management Office (PMO), on behalf of the national government, to enter into an appropriat­e contractua­l

deal with the Bases Conversion and Developmen­t Authority (BCDA) for the management and redevelopm­ent of the Mile Long property prior to its eventual dispositio­n.

“The implementa­tion of this provision may be charged against appropriat­e funding sources or undertaken through the various modes of publicpriv­ate partnershi­p allowed by law,” the order read.

“The contractua­l arrangemen­t between PMO and BCDA shall involve the parcels of land covered by Transfer Certificat­e of Title (TCT) Nos. (458365) S-77242 issued by the Registry of Deeds of the City of Makati and shall not extend beyond the boundaries defined in the technical descriptio­n therein,” it added.

Duterte sought the contractua­l agreement, as he acknowledg­ed that the PMO has been able to “effectivel­y” manage and preserve the Mile Long, while the BCDA has been “highly” successful in developing booming

economic hubs.

AO 21 tasks the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to study, propose and take appropriat­e measures so that the proceeds from the developmen­t of the Mile Long property will be used to fund the government’s

priority programs, including the pension program of military and uniformed personnel.

However, Duterte’s AO notes that the use of proceeds is still “subject to the budgetary process and applicable laws, rules, and regulation­s.”

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