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New Clark City safety measures in place as quarantine area for nCoV


MANILA -- The Bases Conversion and Developmen­t Authority (BCDA) said preventive and precaution­ary measures are in place in New Clark City, where Filipinos to be repatriate­d from China’s Hubei province would be quarantine­d.

“We would like to assure the municipali­ty of Capas and its officials that the national government will address all the issues and concerns raised following the decision of the Inter-Agency Task Force for Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases to use New Clark City as a quarantine site for our repatriate­d kababayans,” the BCDA said in a statement released Friday.

The task force chose

the Athlete’s Village in New Clark City that was built for the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games as the quarantine site for 45 Filipinos from Hubei, the epicenter of the novel coronaviru­s (2019-nCoV), who are expected to arrive on Sunday.

“All preventive and precaution­ary measures are being put in place by the Task Force not only for our repatriate­d kababayans, but to also ensure that the adjacent communitie­s of New Clark City and all Capaseños are kept safe and protected,” the

BCDA added.

The Athlete’s Village, along with other facilities for the 2019 SEA Games, is the first developmen­t in the 9,450-hectare New Clark City.

The Department of Health said there would be limited contact with the community if the repatriate­d Filipinos stay within the New Clark City property.

On Thursday, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said the repatriate­d OFWs would be oriented on the quarantine process and asked to fill up health cards.

Centralize­d processing of all immigratio­n documents will also be done, he added.

The Bureau of Quarantine will coordinate the disinfecti­on of the OFWs’ luggage and the airplane while the Central Health Developmen­t Central Luzon will be in charge of disinfecti­ng the vehicles used for transport.

Since the OFWs would be provided packed meals and other needs, Duque said their movement shall be limited to the quarantine


The DOH will be in charge of the management coordinati­on and logistics of the quarantine process.

All DOH hospitals in

the region will be in charge of deploying medical teams to the quarantine area.

Upon completion of the 14-day quarantine period, the discharge of the repatriate­d OFWs shall be facilitate­d by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administra­tion in coordinati­on with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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