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New art gallery debuts with Talaandig soil artists


THE BAUHAUS at Dona Vicenta Village in Bajada, Davao City will launch its art gallery with “Romance with Soil”, an exhibit of soil paintings by the Talaandig tribe group of artists led by music and visual artist Waway Linsahay Saway from Bukidnon Province on February 20 to March 12, 2020.

The Bauhaus is a new complex in Dona Vicenta Road (across Chowking Bajada) that houses an architectu­ral, graphics, and furniture design studio on top of an indigenous cuisine kitchen and coffeeshop.

Geared towards developing a market for visual artists in support of the Mindanao Art Fair, Exhibit, and Conference (MindanaoAr­t), TheBauhaus will be featuring the regional artists participat­ing in the 2020 MindanaoAr­t Fair and seeks to allow regional artists to earn and fund their MindanaoAr­t participat­ion. The 2nd MindanaoAr­t Fair is scheduled from September 30 to October 4, 2020 still at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Davao. Participat­ing artists in “Romance with Soil” are: Waway Linsahay Saway, Balugto Necosia, Raul Bendit, Salima Saway-Agraan, Rj Saway, Chong Tecson, Johnrey Santisas, and Bads Saway.

Formal opening of the exhibit is at 4pm on February 20.

The Talaandig artists will also be holding a concert on the same day after the opening at TheBauhaus performanc­e space downstairs.

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