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Sara warns about dragging her name in taklobo scheme


MAYOR Sara Duterte has once again warned individual­s using her name for their illegal activities.

In a statement released yesterday, Duterte said the public should be wary about con artists going around and dragging her name to swindle money from victims.

“This is once again to warn the public about individual­s and groups using my name in their spurious money-making activities,” she said.

She said that her office received informatio­n about groups of individual­s reportedly inviting residents to a meeting for a giant clam (taklobo) business. A similar thing happened last year when a group of people used her name for the same venture.

“This group is using my name to lure residents into being involved should serve as a strong indicator that this is nothing but a scam out to victimize poor,

unsuspecti­ng individual­s,” she said.

The Tridacna gigas, more commonly known in the Philippine­s as taklobo, is the largest living immobile bivalve mollusk in the world and also one of the most endangered species with a survival rate of .01 percent. As they are considered as endangered species, catching giant clams is against the law.

“I am urging the public to immediatel­y report these kinds of activities to the authoritie­s as these are punishable by law,” she said.

Duterte reminded the public that Republic Act 10654 or the Philippine Fisheries Code states that harvesting, fishing, catching, selling, buying or transporti­ng of is illegal.

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