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Tough sanctions for inaction vs illegal gambling


MANILA -- The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Tuesday assured tough sanctions for police officials who are not taking action on illegal gambling operations.

PNP deputy chief for operations, Lt. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, said he will meet concerned directorat­es with their contact officers to conduct an in-depth study on illegal gambling operations in the country.

“Titingnan din natin kung paano nakakaluso­t yung illegal gambling operations [We will also take a look at how and why illegal gambling operations go unnoticed],” Eleazar told reporters as he led the destructio­n of 56 units of

video karera machines together with PNP-Integrity Monitoring and Enforcemen­t Group (IMEG) chief, Col. Ronald Lee, in Camp Crame.

Eleazar said the one-strike policy on police officials means that PNP chief, Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa, is serious in the anti-illegal gambling campaign.

“The Chief PNP (Gen. Archie Gamboa) really means business on this campaign. The relief of different unit commanders in the ground will have a clear message and impact on the other unit commanders,” said Eleazar.

Since the one-strike policy was implemente­d, numerous unit commanders and chiefs of police have been relieved.

Recently, three city police chiefs and seven units commanders in Metro Manila were relieved.

“With this developmen­t, we are expecting and hoping that unit commanders would react to once and for all and substantia­lly eradicate these illegal gambling operations,” he added.

Stressing that gambling has always been part of Filipino culture, Eleazar said this was taken advantage of by syndicates for money-making activities.

The gambling syndicates, he said, are also responsibl­e for the evolution of illegal gambling which is the reason for the proliferat­ion of online gambling.

“Like illegal drugs, gambling addiction robs the sanity of a person both young and old as it affects both his potential and productivi­ty. (It makes a family dysfunctio­nal) and it poses a threat to the community where he lives when he is forced to do something to sustain his gambling addiction,” said Eleazar.

As chairman of the PNP Oversight Committee, Eleazar said that he had discussed the renewed drive against illegal gambling with police commanders across the country.

Eleazar was tasked by Gamboa to review all the modus operandi of illegal gambling syndicates and come up with recommenda­tions before the PNP leadership meets with government regulatory bodies like the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporatio­n.

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