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Firm, partner help kids with cleft lips


JOHNDER was born in the Muslim Badjao tribe on the islands of Sulu where cleft lips, a cut on the lip; cleft palates, a hole in the roof of the mouth; and other disabiliti­es are a common sight due to lack of access to healthcare. His parents would have been content to live a quiet life in their little coastal community until one day, they heard that they could get a free surgery to fix Johnder’s condition.

The family moved to the outskirts of Davao City, building their own home on stilts, this time on trash-filled canal waters connected to the main road by flimsy manmade bridges reminiscen­t of their coastal roots. Their living conditions have been difficult, with Johnder’s father earning only a small living selling knock-off signature sunglasses, but amidst all these challenges, his mother recounts their story with light and hope in her eyes.

Now a seven-year-old boy with a newly-operated lip who just started to attend school, Johnder no longer lives in fear of being bullied by his classmates. Instead, he races across their wobbly bridges everyday, excited to go to school with his siblings and friends.

Twenty more children like Johnder were given new hope by Globe Telecom and Smile Train, an internatio­nal children’s charity whose vision is to ensure that every child born with a cleft can lead a full and productive life.

From the goodwill of its employees, customers, and partners, Globe was able to raise enough funds to sup

port comprehens­ive cleft care for at least 20 children through Smile Train.

“Globe always makes it a point to give back to the communitie­s so we continue to partner with different non-government organizati­ons to help in social and environmen­tal causes. This prompted us to tap Smile Train as a strategic partner in the promotion of good health and well-being especially among disadvanta­ged Filipinos,” said Miguel Bermundo, Director for Globe Citizenshi­p and Advocacy Marketing.

“Smile Train is grateful for being a charity partner of Globe. By providing customers and their employees an opportunit­y to support our cause, many Filipinos born with a cleft have been given a second chance at life,” said Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, Smile Train, Area Director, Smile Train Southeast Asia

At present, one in every 700 babies worldwide are born with a cleft lip and/ or palate, forcing many of them to live in isolation while having difficulti­es in eating, breathing, and speaking.

However, cleft repair surgery is simple and transforma­tion is immediate, thereby, encouragin­g Smile Train to provide resources that will empower local doctors in over 90 countries to offer 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehens­ive cleft care in their own communitie­s.

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