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PURSUANT to Sec. 1 Rule 74 of the New Rules of Court, Notice is hereby given that the AGREEMENT, made and executed by Olivia Cristeta Gaerlan; and Raymond Christophe­r D. Gaerlan; in representa­tion of their father, John Joseph Gaerlan, Jr. (widower) their two sisters, Evangeline Grace Carrodus and Josephine Ann Gaerlan-Mallari (widow) per Special Power of Attorney executed on July 13, 2019 before Atty. Marionne Josephas M. Reta per Doc. No. 369; Page No. 75; Book No. 17; Series of 2019 of her Notarial Registry. That John Joseph Gaerlan, Jr. is the surviving spouse of Lydia Domingo, who died in Butuan City on June 29, 2019. That Olivia Cristeta Gaerlan, Raymond Christophe­r D. Gaerlan, Evangeline Grace Carrodus and Josephine Ann GaerlanMal­lari are the legitimate children of John Joseph Gaerlan, Jr., and the late Lydia Domingo, who have been de facto separated since the year 1982; That during the lifetime of decedent, Lydia Domingo, as sole heir of Buenaventu­ra L. Collins, she inherited fifteen (15) pieces of real estate properties, thirteen (13) of which are all situated in Butuan City, six (6) of which properties have been declared and titled as parapherna­l being the subject of an Affidavit of Self Adjudicati­on duly published in Southern Philippine Chronicle. Whereas Eight (8) were registered in the name of Lydia Domingo, married to Joseph Gaerlan, Jr. and deemed as conjugal properties; and two (2) parcels situated in Makati City and Mambajao, Camiguin, to wit: Registered as parapherna­l properties of Buenaventu­ra Llido Collins Inherited by Lydia Domingo: TCT NO. T-5865 (With Adverse Claim by Gregorio Micrandayo, Jr.) area of 5,244 sq. meters; TCT No. T-5867 (With Adverse Claim by Gregorio Micrandayo, Jr.) area of 19,870 sq. meters; TCT No. T-5866 area of 4,047 sq. meters; TCT No. T-14513, area of 595 sq. meters; TCT No. No. T-14514 (Subject of Easement of Right of Way); TCT No. T-53288, area of 102 sq. meters. Properties registered in the name of Lydia Domingo, married to John Joseph Gaerlan, Jr.: TCT No. T-14516, area of 392 sq. meters; TCT No. 10360, area of 134 sq. meters; TCT No. 17765, area of 10,469 sq. meters; TCT No. T-2097, area of 11,608 sq. meters; TCT No. T-2710, area of 1,986 sq. meters; TCT T-10358, area of 13,144 sq. meters; TCT No. T-16697, area of 1000 sq. meters; TCT No. T-14918, area of 18,469 sq. meters; and TCT No. P-6569, area of 01 area, 64 centares. Have been the subject of an EXTRA-JUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE WITH WAIVER OF SHARE, executed by her heirs per Doc. No. 23; Page No. 6; Book No. 1; Series of 2019. of the NOTARY PUBLIC CASTOR B. DORADO. (MT- February 28, March 6 & 13, 2020)

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