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Firm celebrates eagle’s hatchday


ABOITIZPOW­ER’S adopted Philippine eagle, Pangarap, turned 21 this year, marking the 10th year of the company’s partnershi­p with the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Derivative of her name, Pangarap is a beacon of hope for the future of her species, as she is one of the few Philippine eagles that are qualified for breeding, nowadays through artificial inseminati­on.

PEF hosted Pangarap’s hatchday celebratio­n on February 24, 2020, attended by team members of AboitizPow­er, Hedcor, Therma South, and Davao Light, along with over 60 students and guests who took part in various learning activities and discussion­s on biodiversi­ty conservati­on.

Students of neighborin­g communitie­s in Malagos, Davao City gather for Pangarap’s 21st hatchday.

“We are so thankful to Pangarap’s Ninongs and Ninangs from Aboitiz Power Corporatio­n for their support over the past 10 years, and for making these kinds of experience­s for the kids of our neighborin­g communitie­s possible,” said Carla Salvacion, education administra­tor for PEF.

The majestic bird of prey demonstrat­es its ele

gance in front of the crowd.

The students were able to tour around the Philippine Eagle Center and view the different kinds of wildlife taken care of by PEF, including exotic birds of prey such as the Philippine eagle, which were showcased in a Raptors-In-Flight demonstrat­ion.

“Our support for the Philippine Eagle Foundation is a testament to AboitizPow­er’s commitment to conserving biodiversi­ty and wildlife. At AboitizPow­er, we strive to live by our core value of responsibi­lity -- responsibi­lity to our customers, responsibi­lity to our communitie­s, and responsibi­lity to our environmen­t,” said Emmanuel V. Rubio, president and chief executive officer of AboitizPow­er.

As the Philippine eagle faces its species’ toughest time, PEF is incredibly grateful for the amount of care they are able to provide, thanks to AboitizPow­er. Pangarap is currently housed at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Davao City.

 ??  ?? PANGARAP is currently housed at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos.
PANGARAP is currently housed at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos.

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