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2 Chinese nabbed for kidnapping over gambling debt


MANILA - Authoritie­s on Thursday arrested two Chinese nationals for abducting a compatriot who fell victim to a loan shark syndicate in Parañaque City.

Brig. Gen. Jonnel Estomo, director of the Philippine National Police

-Anti-Kidnapping Group (PNP-AKG) identified the suspects as Jiang Zhenqiang and Zhu Peijian, both 35, who were arrested at Seaside Drive in Barangay Tambo at around 1:45 a.m.

The arrest of the suspects led to the rescue of the

victim Jiang Longgen, 32.

“The security personnel of the hotel were informed of the kidnapping and they immediatel­y relayed the informatio­n to us, the reason behind the successful operation,” Estomo said in a press briefing.

AKG spokespers­on, Maj. Ronaldo Lumactod, said the case is similar to a past modus operandi wherein Chinese loan sharks would offer loans to losing casino gamblers.

Once victims lose anew, they would be abducted and the syndicate will demand their relatives to pay a huge sum of money.

The group would even go to the extent of filming the victims while being tortured to force their relatives to pay.

Estomo earlier met with casino managers to discuss coordinati­on and cooperatio­n amid the rising number of casino-related kidnapping­s.

One of those agreed upon was for the casino personnel to fully cooperate with the police to prevent kidnapping­s perpetrate­d by Chinese nationals working for loan sharks in the casino.

Data from the PNPAKG showed victims of casino-related kidnapping­s increased in 2019 at 38, from 16 in 2018.

This year, the PNPAKG has so far recorded two cases of casino-related kidnapping­s. (PNA)

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