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City allows certain flights


MAYOR SARA Duterte has allowed certain internatio­nal and domestic flights going to the city.

Duterte signed Executive Order No. 18 on Thursday granting exemption of certain internatio­nal and domestic air travels to and from Davao City, as a response to the implementa­tion of executive orders No. 12 and 13.

On March 17, the city government issued ExON

ecutive Orders No. 12 and 13 suspending all internatio­nal and domestic air travel to and from Davao City.

The latest order states that there is a need to exempt certain internatio­nal and domestic air travels from the coverage of the two previously issued executive orders to maintain the delivery of basic government­al services.

Among the exempted flights from the coverage of Executive Orders No. 12 and 13 are:

Cargo flights Medical Evacuation­s (Air ambulance)

Weather mitigation flights

Maintenanc­e flights Government and military flights

Emergency landings are also given exemption provided that all crews and passengers will not disembark as much as possible.

It also states that crews and passengers will be contained in an isolation room in the airport should there be a need for disembarka­tion during an emergency landing.

Recovery flights for expatriate­s, meanwhile, are also exempted “provided that each flight is subject to prior clearance by the City Government of Davao.”

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