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Exec: No policy yet on homeschool­ing


THE DEPARTMENT of Education (DepEd)-XI has reminded schools in the region that the absence of policy on homeschool­ing makes it not feasible yet.

Jenielito Atillo, DepEd XI spokespers­on, said on Wednesday that even with the confirmati­on by the central office of the ive learning modalities, only four of these are “very sure” to be used as learning methods upon the opening of classes this August 24.

The Department of EdAN ucation recently allowed schools and community learning centers (CLCs) to adopt various learning delivery methods that will be appropriat­e to the health situation of respective communitie­s when the schools reopen.

Through its recently crafted the Learning ConDAVAO

tinuity Plan (LCP), it offers various learning modalities that schools, as well as parents can choose from when the classes begin in two months.

These options include blended learning, distance learning, apprentice­ship, homeschool­ing, and face-to-face learning.

“We cannot yet give a permit for that one (homeschool­ing) to be used as a modality because we are still waiting for a policy coming from the central office,” Atillo said.

“As of now, they (DepEd) are still preparing for it and then hopefully soon, we will then see what will be the system of this homeschool­ing,” he added.

He added that there have already been discussion­s on the national level but the central office will still have to collate comments and recommenda­tions from the regional offices.

“We still need to give our comments and then that will be the time that we will have to forward it back to them so that for them to come up with the official one (policy) with respect to the regulation for homeschool­ing,” Atillo said.

Meanwhile, Atillo bared that there are many schools in the region who have already submitted their LCPs following the regional office’s previous announceme­nt.

DepEd-XI previously asked private schools in the region to submit their LCPs as the agency wanted to review these plans as well as the modes of classes to be undertaken by the students for the opening of classes.

“We will not give them their permits or we will not give them the go ahead to start classes without the learning continuity plan. Because with a learning continuity plan, only then we can see what mode of teaching will they (schools) be using,” Atillo said.

He added that there are a “little over 800 private schools” in Davao region that are “still on-permit basis” institutio­ns.

“When I say permit basis, they will have to renew their permits every year and they will have to deal with the processes of the Department for them to get a permit,” he said.

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