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Care for our common home

"Everything is interconne­cted, and genuine care for our own lives and our relationsh­ips with nature are inseparabl­e from fraternity, justice and faithfulne­ss to others."

- — Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ (70)

THE SECOND encyclical of Pope France probes deep into our interconne­ctedness with nature and with all humanity. At this particular time in our history, we are experienci­ng the ill effects of our inconsider­ation to nature in the pursuit of modernizat­ion and accumulati­on of riches . Laudato Si, is a response to the wretchedne­ss of our times, reminding us what we urgently have to change in the way we look at the economy, our cultures, our country and the world.

On society and nature, Pope Francis says: “Given the scale of change, it is no longer possible to find a specific, discrete answer for each part of the problem. It is essential to seek comprehens­ive solutions that consider the interactio­ns within natural systems themselves and with social systems. We are faced not with two separate crises, one environmen­tal and the other social, but rather with one complex crisis which is both social and environmen­tal. Strategies for a solution demand an integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time protecting nature.” (Laudato Si’, 139)

Since the lockdown and quarantine, we’ve had enough time to reflect on how fragile our life is when faced with a deadly virus. We look inward and wonder how anyone of us could be contaminat­ed with the disease in the normal routine that we do. COVID 19 has taught us to review our culture – in the way we greet people, the way we converge in places, the lack of space when we do business, and so much more.

This weekend, one might be interested to read Pope Francis’ Laudato Si and reflect on the current pandemic and how it relates to the lack of environmen­tal consciousn­ess of our community. The destructio­n of natural habitats has caused a great amount of environmen­tal damage that we are experienci­ng now.

“There needs to be a distinctiv­e way of looking at things, a way of thinking, policies, an educationa­l program, a lifestyle and a spirituali­ty which together generate resistance to the assault of the technocrat­ic paradigm.” (Laudato Si 111)

We are faced with a great change. The pandemic showed how easy humankind can fall if it continues to disregard the balance of nature.

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