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agency, these were illegally obtained.

“It can be determined in the license code where it (license) is obtained (especially if the person is a resident of the region),” Roales said, adding that securing the license from other region for those living in the region, although not always, may lead to the discovery that these were obtained illegally.

“We can hold these (licenses of residents of the region that were obtained from other regions, on the grounds of verifying (whether there were violations committed in the process of applicatio­n),” he added.

During the verificati­on process, the database would show what were the documents that were not submitted or processes that were not followed. This would lead the agency to file a case for revocation of these licenses, explained Roales.

However, the revocation of the licenses can only be done by the regional director where the licenses were obtained. “But revocation can only be done if there were no attachment­s (documentar­y requiremen­ts),” he added, pointing out that at present, it would be easier to obtain a license illegally obtained because the payment process can even be done by using online methods.

He explained that obtaining a license from another region is allowed, although this can be an indication that there is something questionab­le in the process. “Why would you obtain a license in another region if you are a resident here?” he added.

When licenses are obtained in other regions and the holders renew these in the region where they live, and that the process during the applicatio­n period was not followed, the office can hold the licenses or it can direct the holder to go back to the region where he or she obtained so that the person can complete the process.

“The person must show up before the regional office (where he or she obtained the license) and undergo the required seminar, drive testing and other processes,” he said.

If the requiremen­ts were not attached to the applicatio­n, the license is illegally obtained, he added. “And that is a ground for revocation,” Roales said.

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