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Daria Wer­bowy, the Olsen twins, Le­an­dra Me­dine, and Phoebe Philo. For de­sign, it’s Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Peter Men­del­sund, Paul Rand, and Christo­pher Doyle.

What are the down­sides of do­ing so many things at the same time?

I think I’m turn­ing into a scat­ter­brain; even if I’m on break, my mind isn’t. And I get tired some­times [be­cause of that]. I can’t do ev­ery­thing at the same time with the same qual­ity. If I did both si­mul­ta­ne­ously, the re­sults would be sub­par. I know they won’t be the best.

And you can’t do sub­par.

No, I re­ally can’t. I would rather sac­ri­fice one and do a good job with the other, whether it’s for my day job, Sune, or any of my other projects.

What are your plans with all of your projects in the fu­ture?

Ideally, I would find a way to com­bine all of [my projects]. Like set up a stu­dio or some­thing.

Do you still have week­ends?

I don’t! But [my projects] are my cre­ative out­lets. If I didn’t have any of th­ese side­lines, I would be bored. What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween do­ing just free­lance work as op­posed to hav­ing both a day job and free­lance projects? I think the dif­fer­ence now is that I have a rou­tine that I re­ally have to stick to. Morn­ings be­fore work, I do er­rands for my cloth­ing line, and now I sleep late be­cause I do work af­ter work. A plan­ner re­ally helps.

Do you think about the fu­ture?

All the time.

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