Three restau­rants in Pasig give a new take on clas­sic dishes


Only a hand­ful of es­tab­lish­ments main­tain the stamp of foodie mecca in the city—food so good that peo­ple are will­ing to brave Manila traf­fic, and sacri­fice long waits, for it. With the traf­fic con­tin­u­ing to worsen, this par­tic­u­lar stamp be­comes all the more pres­ti­gious.

But now that three of Manila’s most-loved restau­rants have opened in Pasig, the trek for that iconic truf­fle pasta, the city’s best burger, and fun Fruit Loop’d ice cream cones has be­come much shorter—it’s right next door.

Clas­sic dishes paired with new meats

What to try: Veni­son curry, Kurobuta sini­gang, Lola Fe­mya’s birth­day spaghetti Where: Mamou 3.0, UGF Ayala Malls The 30th, Mer­alco Ave., Pasig City Con­tact: 0917-8662668 Why: Mamou 3.0 brings a more youth­ful twist to the pop­u­lar restau­rant’s new­est branch. Curry, one of the many sta­ples in any Filipino kitchen, gets a twist with the use of veni­son that’s lo­cally sourced from the is­land of a friend, shares Mamou man­ager Annie Mon­tano-Gu­tier­rez. Another must-try is their Kurobuta sini­gang. Don’t be sur­prised if you get a dish that looks like karekare—a taste of the broth will prove it’s still the sini­gang you know. It uses Ital­ian tomato sauce to get its color, and has chunks of ten­der Ja­panese black pig in the mix. The Fores fam­ily also shares their spe­cial spaghetti, made by their yaya Lola Fe­mya. The pasta, mixed with a tomato-cream-but­ter sauce and corned beef, is served on fam­ily birth­days, but it’ll be avail­able off-menu at Mamou for a lim­ited time only.

The best burger, ac­cord­ing to burger devo­tees

What to try: The steamed burger, a not-so-secret off­menu item, or the new peanut but­ter burger Where: Sweet Ec­stasy, 2F Ayala Malls The 30th, Mer­alco Ave., Pasig City Why: Un­like other burger joints that have come up over the years, of­fer­ing out­ra­geous fill­ings and other gim­micks, Sweet Ec­stasy sticks to the ba­sics. Aside from their stan­dard se­lec­tion of pure beef burg­ers (which you can swap to a let­tuce wrap if you’re cut­ting out carbs), you can also get their wings—the Ang­hang P*cha stands out if you want a chal­lenge. If the clas­sics don’t ap­peal to you, go for their off-menu burg­ers: the steamed burger is sans the frills, with just the patty, cheese, and onions, while the peanut but­ter burger has a beef patty, peanut but­ter sauce, and is topped with jalapeños, let­tuce, and tomato.

Psy­che­delic ice cream cones and fla­vors

What to try: The best-sell­ing Space Cake ice cream which has cake and cookie bits, and choco­late syrup, with a col­or­ful Fruit Loops cone Where: Emack & Bo­lio’s, UGF Ayala Malls The 30th, Mer­alco Ave., Pasig City Con­tact: 718-5510 Why: Al­though a new­comer to Manila, Emack & Bo­lio’s is any­thing but new. They’ve been serv­ing ice cream in the US since the ’70s. Their first branch in the Philip­pines at Ayala Malls The 30th show­cases the funki­est fla­vors, like Space Cake (which has an­gel food cake, choco­late syrup, short­bread cookie bits, and chunks of red vel­vet cake) and Stoney’s Dream (this time with vanilla bean specks, choco­late chips, and brownie chunks). As if the ice cream them­selves aren’t In­sta­grammable enough, their as­sort­ment of cones—like the ce­real-cov­ered Fruit Loops cone—takes your fa­vorite cold treat to a col­or­ful, hip­pie trip. And did we men­tion the store’s quirky in­te­ri­ors?

Sweet Ec­stasy’s dou­ble cheese­burger (left); three scoops of Emack & Bo­lio’s ice cream on Fruit Loops cone

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