Artist-made or­a­cle cards for those who de­sire fore­sight

A clas­sic Euro­pean mys­tic card gets an Asian rein­ven­tion

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Madame Marie Anne Lenor­mand is one of the most cel­e­brated for­tunetellers in his­tory. She fore­saw the death of Marie An­toinette by guil­lo­tine four years be­fore it hap­pened, and 10 years be­fore Napoleon Bon­a­parte be­came the French Em­peror, she had pre­dicted his coronation. But one thing she couldn’t fore­tell was her own death. Ac­cord­ing to anec­dotes, she had be­lieved she’d live for over 100 years, but in­stead died at 71. De­spite the rather large mis­cal­cu­la­tion, cen­turies af­ter her death, Lenor­mand’s legacy lives on through a 36card deck named af­ter her.

Af­ter tak­ing a short course on Jun­gian ar­che­typal stud­ies, in­tu­itive and artist Oliver Roxas cre­ated his own Lenor­mand or­a­cle deck. Though the deck has Euro­pean roots, Roxas in­jected Chi­nese phi­los­o­phy and ideals to it. “I found many con­nec­tions and sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween tra­di­tional Euro­pean mean­ings and Chi­nese mean­ings. These are ev­i­dence of [Carl Jung’s the­ory of ] col­lec­tive un­con­scious,” he ex­plains.

Each card from Roxas’ Lenor­mand deck still abides by tra­di­tional mean­ings, but he also added new in­ter­pre­ta­tions that are based on his med­i­ta­tions. The mean­ings also change when you place a card in con­junc­tion with an­other one.

There is some­thing omi­nous about tarot and or­a­cle cards. These oc­cult ob­jects are of­ten seen as in­di­ca­tors of mis­for­tune, as pre­mo­ni­tions. To some ex­tent, there is fear when one con­sults these ob­jects, and it springs from the de­sire to know the un­cer­tainty of the fu­ture—a usurpa­tion of time’s nat­u­ral flow. But more than a tool of pre­dic­tion, or­a­cle cards in­tend to un­ravel mean­ings about the self. “Some­times, the cards do not give an­swers,” Roxas sug­gests. “It is help­ful to read the cards with a sense of non-ex­pec­ta­tion, to trust the cards and your in­tu­ition.”

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