Northern Living

Context clues


Communicat­ion is a tricky thing. More than speaking the same language, having good syntax and vocabulary, and sound grammar, it’s also about tone, timing, and context. Am I saying the right thing at the right time? Is this offensive or acceptable? Is this verified? Informed?

In this issue, we explore the intricacie­s language and communicat­ion have taken, from the importance of one’s native tongue in an increasing­ly global society, to the physical manifestat­ions of messaging.

We see this in how architect JJ Acuña translates purpose and flow into the physical space of his studio/home, as well as with rising designers Isabel Sicat and Aiala Valdovino of Toqa. Featured on the cover, the Toqa girls demonstrat­e the intricacie­s of dialogue between politics, fashion, and ideals.

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