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Experience the comforts of suburban life but with all the energy of the city in Suntrust Asmara


The north is a mecca of dynamism and energy for the modern go-getter. A hotspot for urban growth as well as recreation, it has evolved into a place where young profession­als go to chase the lifestyle of their dreams. Neverthele­ss, life in the north can have its fair share of hard times: the never-ending hustle, the constant buzz, the congestion, and the traffic are all challenges in making the north the home of your dreams.

But that perfect balance of life and work isn’t out of reach with Suntrust Asmara. A sanctuary in the north with units ranging from a 24 sqm. studio to a 50 sqm. three-bedroom abode, Suntrust Asmara lets the modern dream-chaser enjoy the best of northern living while being able to keep an eye on the prize.

Nestled in the heart of New Manila, the 8,459 sqm. developmen­t is surrounded by the best that Quezon City has to offer: malls within a stone’s throw away, an abundance of food parks nearby, and the best medical centers and universiti­es. Young profession­als and students alike can also find reprieve from the weekday grind with the city’s robust nightlife.

Of course, being constantly on the go means needing a rest every now and then. Within Suntrust Asmara, you can find ways to take a break from the chaos of the city. A three-story-high Sky Garden within each of the developmen­t’s three towers provides the space for the young profession­al to take a moment and breathe. Aside from the refreshing sight of the greenery that’s integrated into the façade, a dose of self-care is made possible by the pool, the in-house gym, and the lounge in the gazebo that lets you soak in the sun on a well-deserved rest day.

With the nonstop action of city life, finding comfort within its buzz can seem to be impossible, but truth be told, it is well within reach. One just has to know the right place to live out their metropolit­an dreams.

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