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Homegrown authors have taken it upon themselves to bring awareness to the country’s political climate through fiction


“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures,” says Ralph Waldo Emerson. Storytelli­ng can foster a profound understand­ing of societal issues, helping us form and articulate our own opinions on the topic. By creating characters and new worlds that reflect reality into a tale of romance or adventure, seemingly inscrutabl­e topics become more digestible and enjoyable.

Now, the Philippine government is a complex melting pot of social injustice and class struggles. In an effort to not sweep these issues under the rug as years go by, Filipino authors have been consistent­ly publishing novels that remain relevant up to this day. They’ve written works that spread awareness about the various forms of real-life injustices by using a fictional standpoint, allowing readers to enjoy and form their own understand­ing of the issue.

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Read the full story on our website.

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