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Palawan Daily News - - Business - By An­dré Mikhail F. Obierez Co-Founder, Al­phaEdge Re­search

Hey there!

Wel­come to our first ever post!

A strange way to start a col­umn?

We beg to dif­fer, be­cause we pre­fer to start with a more con­ver­sa­tional tone com­pared to the av­er­age busi­ness col­umn you’d find in a news­pa­per or what­ever medium you hap­pen to be reading this on.

We also have, we be­lieve, a le­git­i­mate rea­son to take this ap­proach, and it is mainly to make a “dry” and/or com­pli­cated sub­ject like the field of fi­nance and busi­ness more “palat­able” to our au­di­ence, the am­bi­tious Filipino who wants to achieve “fi­nan­cial free­dom” but may not have the know-how or know any­one that could help.

Who are we?

Oh, I apol­o­gize for get­ting ahead of my­self, my name is An­dré Mikhail F. Obierez and I’m one of the co-founders of Al­phaEdge Re­search, a startup fo­cused on pro­vid­ing mar­ket ed­u­ca­tion as well pro­vid­ing anal­y­sis and com­men­tary about the mas­sive world of fi­nan­cial mar­kets and the like.

Though I’d want to em­pha­size that this col­umn, go­ing for­ward, will also touch on a num­ber of other top­ics rang­ing from per­sonal fi­nance such as “rent­ing or buy­ing a house” to “how much should I save for re­tire­ment”. We’ll also touch on more in-depth and com­pli­cated top­ics such as “how to an­a­lyze stocks” (that’s a com­pany, mind you) and even start­ing up your own busi­ness.

So why the name, Al­phaEdge Re­search?

We be­lieve it’s a fit­ting name for what we mainly do.

You see, in fi­nance, “Al­pha” (from the Greek let­ter α) ba­si­cally means the per­for­mance above the “av­er­age” or more for­mally a bench­mark or in­dex. It gets a bit deeper and more com­pli­cated than that, but let’s just leave it there for now since we’ll even­tu­ally cover such jar­gon in our fu­ture posts.

While the “Edge” part of our name refers to a strat­egy or method that will give a trader a sus­tain­able ad­van­tage in mak­ing money while one of our chief ac­tiv­i­ties in­volves re­search­ing the mar­kets for that edge and what our cus­tomers will be us­ing.

Now that we got that out of the way, please al­low me to in­tro­duce to you our found­ing mem­bers:

Yes, at the time of this photo, we do look (I hope!) young but we do know our stuff. Take me for ex­am­ple, as soon I turned 18 (that was many years ago!) I in­vested my mea­ger sav­ings into the stock mar­ket via a UITF (Unit In­vest­ment Trust Fund, and yes, we will ex­plain this in our fu­ture posts), as well as opened my first stock bro­ker­age ac­count. Since then (al­most 10 years and count­ing), I’ve been swim­ming deep in the mar­kets.

Aside from my per­sonal in­vest­ments, I’ve also worked in the Fi­nan­cial Sec­tor as a Stock Mar­ket An­a­lyst for lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional com­pa­nies, where I would write up re­search us­ing the stuff I learned in school (and on the job) about com­pa­nies and whether the firm’s clients should in­vest. I’ve also had a teach­ing job at one point in life cov­er­ing fi­nance and in­vest­ing at a univer­sity in Cebu.

Me aside, we have Marke Arel­lano (that’s pro­nounced as mar-KEE) who com­pleted the Cer­ti­fied Se­cu­ri­ties Spe­cial­ist Course from the Ate­neo de Manila Univer­sity and also worked as a Stock Mar­ket An­a­lyst be­fore find­ing his “fit” as a Stock­bro­ker (for­mally “Cer­ti­fied Se­cu­ri­ties Rep­re­sen­ta­tive”). He also passed the level 1 exam of the Char­tered Fi­nan­cial An­a­lyst pro­gram, which is the gold stan­dard in our in­dus­try. Marke has also been trad­ing in the stock mar­ket since 2009.

Marke is our main sem­i­nar speaker (yes, we hold sem­i­nars) for the “5 Fun­da­men­tal Truths of Trad­ing” based on the works of the late Mark Dou­glas, one of the great­est ed­u­ca­tors on trad­ing, as well as the “Mar­ket Psy­chol­ogy” topic that helps traders fig­ure out if it’s a good time to trade based on the on­go­ing sen­ti­ment.

Our other mem­ber, Ralph Ja­son “RJ” Ca­balles, is a Se­nior .NET De­vel­oper for an Aus­tralian com­pany. Though he hasn’t worked in fi­nance, he is quite the en­tre­pre­neur hav­ing had his start back in his el­e­men­tary years sell­ing var­i­ous prod­ucts to now run­ning many small busi­nesses from sell­ing pets and pet care prod­ucts to de­vel­op­ing his own brand of spiced co­conut vine­gar “Sukang Tagi”.

He also has ex­per­tise in the fields of Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence, Im­age Pro­cess­ing, and Com­puter Sys­tems Per­for­mance Anal­y­sis among many oth­ers in field and is cur­rently work­ing on his mas­ter’s in com­puter sci­ence de­gree from a pres­ti­gious univer­sity in the Philip­pines.

Next on our line-up is Keirby Diputado, re­mem­ber I men­tioned that I used to teach? He was one my am­bi­tious stu­dents who has now ma­tured into quite a pro­fes­sional. He has been trad­ing stocks since 2015 and also works as the Op­er­a­tions Man­ager for his fam­ily’s busi­ness, a Whole­saler for Spices and Pro­duce.

De­spite his young age, he’s had sig­nif­i­cant ex­po­sure to the wheel­ing and deal­ing of the highly com­pet­i­tive pro­duce mar­kets and was men­tored closely by his parents which sus­tained his in­ter­est and pas­sion for start­ing his own busi­ness.

And the last, but def­i­nitely not least, is Fran­cis Louigi “Kanyang” Cañizare And the last, but def­i­nitely not least, is Fran­cis Louigi “Kanyang” Cañizares, a grad­u­ate of Petroleum En­gi­neer­ing from a pre­em­i­nent univer­sity in Palawan.

Fran­cis is one of the per­fect ex­am­ples to prove that any­one can be an en­tre­pre­neur and that you don’t need fa­mil­ial role mod­els to serve as your start­ing point to be­come one. Ac­tu­ally, if you get to know him per­son­ally, you’d ac­tu­ally think that en­trepreneur­ship is in his bones but as a mat­ter of fact, he jok­ingly would say that “he comes from a long line of em­ploy­ees” and that he ac­tu­ally gained his “en­tre­pre­neur­ial spark” from reading busi­ness books back in his univer­sity days.

He has also been trad­ing stocks since 2016 and has built up a de­cent port­fo­lio just by us­ing the fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples in Tech­ni­cal Anal­y­sis (we will also get to this topic in our fu­ture posts). In light of that fact, he is our main speaker for the “Ba­sic Tech­ni­cal Anal­y­sis” Course which works as the en­try point for aspir­ing in­vestors look­ing to mas­ter the ba­sics and kick­start their jour­ney to fi­nan­cial free­dom.

So, in sum, we hope you’d give us the honor to be part of your jour­ney to fi­nan­cial free­dom and we look for­ward to see­ing you again next week!

For in­quiries about the mar­kets or how to get started, E-mail us at Al­phaEdgeRe­ . We also have a Face­book page: Al­phaEdge Re­search

Pic­tured above (Left to right): Keirby T. Diputado, Marke P. Arel­lano and Ralph Ja­son G. Ca­balles, front row (sit­ting) left wto right: Fran­cis Louigi P. Cañizares and An­dré Mikhail F. Obierez

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