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Ionce heard a lady an­swer­ing a ques­tion as to what she was. She framed an an­swer in a sti­fled voice as if what she were about to dis­close would be a crime pun­ish­able by death. “I’m just a teacher, “she said.

JUST A TEACHER??!!! Never have three words cut me so deep! You mean a per­son of lowly sta­tus? One who be­longs to the low­est spec­trum of the pro­fes­sional world? A per­son who doesn’t count among the high­ly­ac­claimed de­gree hold­ers? JUST A TEACHER? I beg to dis­agree.

Don’t you know that teach­ing comes from the heart of God?

The Gar­den of Eden as Gen­e­sis 2: 15 re­counts was God’s first ope­nair class­room on earth with Adam, and later, Eve as the first stu­dents. Un­for­tu­nately, as we all know, they failed mis­er­ably in their first les­son on “WHAT NOT TO EAT”. They learned their les­son well, all right, but they learned it the hard way.

Je­sus and His dis­ci­ples per­formed mir­a­cles but af­ter and be­hind each mir­a­cle was a les­son taught, a guid­ing prin­ci­ple for life and be­yond. Je­sus, un­doubt­edly, is the Great­est Teacher for all sea­sons, of all time.

I don’t dis­count the big and wor­thy con­tri­bu­tions of other pro­fes­sion­als. Their God-given call­ing has some­how eased the bur­dens that oth­er­wise would have been shoul­dered solely by the world with nary a let up.

Physi­cians treat peo­ple, en­gi­neers build roads and bridges, ar­chi­tects de­sign houses, lawyers de­fend clients. I can men­tion a lot more, but the ques­tion is, be­sides the home, who else moulds lives to make them bet­ter cit­i­zens - bet­ter physi­cians, en­gi­neers, ar­chi­tects, lawyers, ac­coun­tants, nurses, and other host of pro­fes­sion­als? The an­swer, with­out a doubt, is the bent, dog-tired, lowly, un­rec­og­nized, un­der­paid teacher.

One of the most overworked of God’s cre­ations is the hum­ble teacher. At night, she spends the hours mak­ing les­son plans, check­ing test pa­pers, pre­par­ing devices, read­ing books and other sup­ple­men­tary notes. The early dawn usu­ally sees her pre­par­ing her­self for school. At school, the teacher sud­denly be­comes a guid­ance coun­sel­lor, a guard, a par­ent, a nurse, a friend and a thou­sand and one other back- break­ing ac­tiv­i­ties.

And yet, be­hind these tra­vails in a teacher’s life is the joy in see­ing a stu­dent striv­ing to over­come the dif­fi­cul­ties of school life. There is keen pleasure in the knowl­edge that the teacher is part of the stu­dent’s learn­ing process; that growth comes through the teacher’s mould­ing hands and loving heart. What a de­light to see these stu­dents in later years as they reach their po­ten­tials and be­come pro­fes­sion­als.

The real mea­sure of a teacher’s pro­duc­tiv­ity is not the num­ber of medals she has, not the ster­ling record of her tran­script, not even the school she grad­u­ated from.

Her ef­fec­tive­ness as a teacher lies in the var­ied re­ac­tions of the stu­dents. Do they al­ways look for­ward to meeting the teacher? Are they in­spired to study? Does en­thu­si­asm per­me­ates ev­ery fiber of their be­ing as they do re­search and home works? Do the stu­dents find the teacher and the lessons worth their time and ef­fort? In short, Sir/ Ma’am, have you BROUGHT OUT THE BEST IN YOUR STU­DENTS?

Be proud you are a teacher. NOT JUST A TEACHER! From your ded­i­cated ef­fort come out lead­ers, doc­tors, lawyers, nurses, ac­coun­tants, busi­ness­men, em­ploy­ees, writ­ers, au­thors, and the rest of the read­ing world.

I’m proud I’m a teacher and prouder still to de­clare that I be­long to a noble

pro­fes­sion. At the end of the day, af­ter a back-break­ing job, I am com­pen­sated with the thought that I have done some­thing to make a stu­dent’s life bet­ter, that I have given my best to ease some­one’s pain, that I have taught val­ues that count far be­yond this world can of­fer.

I thank God for giv­ing me a teacher’s heart. Thanks, too, to my for­mer stu­dents. You taught me lessons not found in the books: LOVE, PA­TIENCE, UN­DER­STAND­ING, SYM­PA­THY, TOL­ER­ANCE, DIS­CI­PLINE, FRIEND­SHIP, and more.

I take de­light in know­ing that you, my stu­dents, are con­stantly striv­ing to reach the dream that God has put into your hearts. You have truly done me proud and have given me more than enough rea­son to cel­e­brate Teacher’s Day. I value each one of you. Thank you for com­ing into my life.

THIS IS THE GOOD LIFE- that a teacher can touch a soul for Je­sus and for eter­nity.

A per­son who doesn’t count among the high­ly­ac­claimed de­gree hold­ers? JUST A TEACHER? I beg to dis­agree.

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