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Have you raised this ques­tion be­fore? When was the last time you put for­ward this as­sertive state­ment?

Per­haps, some­time in the past, you found your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where your dig­nity as a per­son had been tram­pled un­der­foot, taken for granted, in­sulted, or looked down with con­tempt. Maybe you had been thrown out of work un­rea­son­ably, or you had been the butt of an of­fen­sive joke. Pos­si­bly, that could be the last straw that sent your tem­per fly­ing into a rage.

You be­gan to imag­ine how to put down a peg or two, the per­son or per­sons who treated you like a scum. And in a fit of anger, you asked, with eyes bulging out of their sock­ets, “Do you know who I am?” You started a recital of your achieve­ments and ac­com­plish­ments, your medals and hon­ors; you went through a reper­toire of your con­nec­tions in the govern­ment, your royal in­flu­ence with kings and queens, your pedi­gree that in­cluded a blood line from Mag­el­lan. And with a voice ooz­ing with pride, you as­serted, “Don’t you know that I am the great, great, great, great grand­daugh­ter of Mag­el­lan’s great, great, great grand­daugh­ter?”

Do you know who I am?

I was con­fronted with one of the above sit­u­a­tions some years ago. The hubris in me wanted to scream in the per­son’s face , “Do you know who I am?” As the pro­cliv­ity of ex­press­ing this state­ment of ar­ro­gance and self–im­por­tance was about to take the up­per hand, a thought crossed my mind- a dis­turb­ing, poignant thought that painfully checked the con­di­tion of my heart.

In my mind was a vivid pic­ture of a man, be­ing whipped, di­vested of his clothes, crowned with thorns, nailed to the cross, and there, left to die in shame. He never shouted at his tor­men­tors and at the peo­ple around that cross, “Do you know who I am?” In­stead of ar­ro­gance, he dis­armed his abusers with words of hu­mil­ity and en­com­pass­ing love as he ut­tered in agony, “Fa­ther, for­give them for they do not know what they are do­ing.” LUKE 23:34.

As that Cal­vary scene pa­raded be­fore my mind’s eye, I felt a tug from a line of an old song:

“He could have called ten thousand an­gels to de­stroy the world and set Him free, but He chose to die for you and me.”

He dis­armed not only his tor­men­tors. HE DIS­ARMED ME of my van­ity!!

“Do you know who I am?” You ask.

I may not know you. But Some­one does. He knows you from head to toe. His name is Je­sus.

He knows every­thing about you. He knows when you sit down and when you rise up. Psalm 139:1-2.

He knew you even be­fore you were con­ceived. JEREMIAH 1:4-5

Do you know Him?

One day, when con­di­tions are ripe for ar­ro­gance to come to the fore and we are tempted to say haugh­tily, “Do you know who I am?” may we re­mem­ber that dy­ing Man and His words on the cross and lay that ex­pres­sion of self-im­por­tance at His feet, and there, let it die a nat­u­ral death.

“He knows every­thing about you. He knows when you sit down and when you rise up. Psalm 139:1-2.”

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