What makes stu­dents learn science bet­ter

Panay News - - BUSINESS - By Lorena D. Pa­nun­cio  MT-I, Maayon, Na­tional High School

NO mat­ter what method will be used by the teacher in mak­ing sure that the stu­dents learn, the de­sired re­sults they want is the same: for their stu­dents to learn what the teach­ers teach to them.

In the present setup in our class­rooms, it is com­mon that a mix of the teacher mak­ing dis­cus­sions and the stu­dents be­ing ac­tive learn­ers through do­ing things such as work­ing in groups and cre­at­ing out­puts re­lated to the les­son with cor­re­spond­ing sum­maries and re­flec­tions which shows how well the stu­dent is able to put what he or she learned into prac­tice.

I re­al­ized that if the stu­dents were able to put in the work in the sub­ject called Science, they will be able to learn the les­son bet­ter. Do­ing is the new mem­o­riz­ing be­cause ex­pe­ri­ences last longer in the mind of a per­son, so we need to make sure that the stu­dents put in the work to learn their les­sons. It fills the gap be­tween the­ory and prac­tice.

There are ex­per­i­ments, field work, dis­cus­sions which tack­les stuff in­clud­ing mak­ing in­tel­li­gent guesses out of what the stu­dent sees or ob­serves, and cre­at­ing out­puts that helps prove that the stu­dent does un­der­stand the les­son or helps in teach­ing the stu­dent about the les­son.

But work does not al­ways have to be as com­pli­cated as do­ing ex­per­i­ments or go­ing on the field be­cause some things can be riskier than oth­ers.

We can ask stu­dents to do things such as re­search­ing through read­ing the nec­es­sary con­tent in the li­brary or (with a sum­mary and re­flec­tion re­lated to the con­tent) sub­mit­ting links of videos or im­ages re­lated to the les­son.

As I see their out­puts, I get to see how well the stu­dents had un­der­stood their les­son and how ful­filled they are af­ter see­ing their out­puts and af­ter go­ing through the hard­ships that came with mak­ing the out­put.

When the stu­dents do more of the work, they are go­ing to be more likely to learn, but teach­ers should al­ways add their in­puts and lay down the foun­da­tion that helps the stu­dents learn the les­son so the stu­dents would have an eas­ier time fig­ur­ing out what else they should learn or how they should ap­ply what they l earned on their out­put be­cause no mat­ter what teach­ing method will be used, the teacher still needs to fa­cil­i­tate the learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence the stu­dent is about to have. ( Paid ar­ti­cle)

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