An­other po­lit­i­cal ally drops Treñas

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ILOILOCity – Like Coun­cilor Ed­uardo Peñare­dondo, Coun­cilor Liezl Zu­lueta Salazar, a long-time po­lit­i­cal ally of Cong. Jerry Treñas, has also de­cided to leave the con­gress­man’s camp.

She did not want to put Treñas in a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion, ac­cord­ing to Salazar who an­nounced yes­ter­day she had de­cided to join the group of Mayor Jose Espinosa III.

Treñas and Espinosa are both run­ning for mayor in next year’s midterm elec­tions.

Salazar said she was grat­i­fied t hat Espinosa wel­comed her to his group.

What forced the two coun­cilors to switch al­le­giance was the Treñas- ini­ti­ated “con­sen­sus vot­ing” among

barangay cap­tain sand co­or­di­na­tors on Tues­day. Both failed to make it to the Top 12 pos­si­ble can­di­dates for coun­cilor of Treñas.

How­ever, an­other po­lit­i­cal ally of Treñas, Liga ng mga Barangay city fed­er­a­tion pres­i­dent Irene Ong, said the con­gress­man has not yet fi­nal­ized his can­di­dates for coun­cilor.

The “con­sen­sus vot­ing” among barangay cap­tains and co­or­di­na­tors was just one of sev­eral con­sul­ta­tions t he con­gress­man is do­ing with sup­port­ers, Ong.“He would said be con­sult­ing other sec­tors,” Ong stressed.

Em­pha­siz­ing that she had al­ways re­spected t he con­gress­man, Salazar said she did not want to put Treñas in a dif­fi­cult po­si­tion in which he had to choose be­tween her and the barangay cap­tains who al­ready de­ter­mined who should be Treñ as’ coun­cil or .“bets for con­sen­sus

Kay basi bala ma­ham­bal sila

may Cong. na kag amo na ina ang re­sulta said Salazar. tapos kuhaon man ako gi­hapon She also ni said Ti she daw had kalaw-ay noth­ing against man,” the barangay cap­tains and Treñas’ barangay co­or­di­na­tors.

Both Salazar and Peñare­dondo are seek­ing re­elec­tion. They are mem­bers of the Par­tido Demokratiko Pilipino – Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-La­ban) like Treñas. Espinosa, on the other hand, be­longed to the Na­cional­ista Party.

Asked why barangay cap­tains ap­peared less sup­port­ive of Peñare­dondo and Salazar, Ong said,


“Ang na­bal-an ko, kay Ka­gawad (Salazar) ulihi na sya nag­su­lod. Ulihi na sya nag­pa­balo. Pero ang isa The other wala day, ko Peñare­dondo ka­balo kon ex­pressed ano ang ra­son.” dis­ap­point­ment over the “stan­dard” Treñas used to de­ter­mine can­di­dates for coun­cilor.

He re­minded Treñas that like the con­gress­man, he, too, was a mem­ber of PDP-La­ban, an in­cum­bent coun­cilor, and hads never elec­tions .“been de­feated in barangay cap­tains Ipareho nila ako sa mga but I don’t think nga madala­gan

kon­se­hal…se­guro iban in­cum­bent,” dira maayo said Peñare­dondo. mas maayo pa

sila The sa amon coun­cilor nga mga said his de­ci­sion to trans­fer to Espinosa’s camp was ir­rev­o­ca­ble .“fi­nal and

Con­gress­man Treñas. Na­gak­i­lala man kita tani sa lid­er­ato ni

Pero kon ang iya grupo said Peñare­dondo. wala man na­gak­i­lala sa akon,

pasen­sya­hanay Here are the re­sults na lang,” for city coun­cilor of the Treñas-ini­ti­ated “con­sen­sus vot­ing” ranked ac­cord­ing the num­ber of votes gar­nered (high­est to low­est): 1. 1712. Coun­cilor Alan Zal­divar Jay Treñas – – 1613. Coun­cilor Julie Grace Baronda – 158 4. Jojo Javel­lana – 158 5. 1466. Atty. Ru­dolph Rom­mel Gan­zon Duron – – 1447. Coun­cilor Man­drie Mal­a­bor – 1438. Gilbert Gar­cia – 1419. Coun­cilor Ely Es­tante – 13310. Coun­cilor Ar­mand Par­con – 11711. Coun­cilor Candice Tu­pas – 10212. former coun­cilor Rey­land Hervias 9613. former – coun­cilor Dave Jamora – 89

14. Coun­cilor Ed­uardo Peñare­dondo 8615. Coun­cilor – Liezl Joy Zu­lueta Salazar – 82/

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