Why we study So­cial Stud­ies

Panay News - - BUSINESS - By Ma. Aprilin A. Malicu­dio, Du­marao, Capiz

GEN­ER­ALLY, we al­ways ask why we need to study. Most stu­dents ask this ques­tion and hon­estly it sounds silly right? In the said man­ner, “why we need to study so­cial stud­ies?” This has been a very com­mon ques­tion among school stu­dents. But why is it re­ally im­por­tant to study so­cial stud­ies?

First, let’s de­fine what so­cial stud­ies is. So­cial Stud­ies – So­cial Sci­ence is a branch of study which deals with Hu­man Be­ings – their be­hav­ior, growth and de­vel­op­ment, re­la­tion­ships, re­sources they use and the var­i­ous in­sti­tu­tions they re­quire to func­tion and carry on their life smoothly. One good ex­am­ple is fam­ily, an­other ex­am­ples are school, work­place, gov­ern­ment, ju­di­ciary, re­cre­ation clubs, etc. All these as­pects of life are in­ter-re­lated and in­ter­de­pen­dent on one an­other.

So, no mat­ter what ca­reer you want to pur­sue in the fu­ture whether you want to be­come a po­lice, a doc­tor, and a lawyer we all need to study how we can in­ter­act with other peo­ple be­cause we all have to live in a so­ci­ety, in­ter­act with in­di­vid­u­als be­long­ing to dif­fer­ent cul­tural and so­cio- eco­nomic back­grounds, adapt to var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions and cir­cum­stances, and also ad­here to cer­tain so­ci­etal norms in or­der to lead a peace­ful and pro­duc­tive life.

More­over, we need to study so­cial stud­ies be­cause we need to have knowl­edge about the world and its af­fairs. In so­cial stud­ies, we can learn about what was hap­pened, what is hap­pen­ing and prob­a­bly what will hap­pen in the world – our his­tory. So­cial stud­ies top­ics cover world gov­ern­ment, po­lit­i­cal af­fil­i­a­tions, alliances and con­flicts that help stu­dents get a holis­tic vi­sion of how coun­tries work to­gether.

These sim­ply means that stu­dents will get to know about what causes the wars, the cri­sis and some other is­sues and top­ics that deal with the world.

Fur­ther­more, so­cial stud­ies help a per­son to be more aware of his/ her sur­round­ings. With so­cial study, stu­dents can get fa­mil­iar with the ways the demo­cratic sys­tem func­tions. The im­por­tance of gover­nance can be seen here. The so­ci­ety and its peo­ple which are mostly rep­re­sented by what we called gov­ern­ment of­fi­cials are all tak­ing a huge role in the com­mu­nity that we live in. Usu­ally, the course also re­quires chil­dren to take part in var­i­ous learn­ing projects and com­mu­nity events to know how peo­ple work col­lec­tively to form a func­tion­ing so­ci­ety.

That is why it is very es­sen­tial to learn so­cial study, in this way we can have bet­ter world en­gage­ment and bet­ter world un­der­stand­ing. ( Paid


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