Do Pi­noys walk their dogs? A reprise

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Thurs­day, Oct. 4 was World An­i­mal Day and also the feast day of St. Fran­cis of As­sisi, the pa­tron saint of an­i­mals. It serves as the high­light of An­i­mal Wel­fare Week which ends Sun­day. Mean­while, I would like to re­serve cause a lot of things, most of them my com­ments on that ass­hole ACTS un­pleas­ant, i.e. step­ping on poop or OFW party- l ist rep­re­sen­ta­tive worse some­one gets bit­ten. These are Aniceto “III  for next just some of the rea­sons why the term week; his kind is not even wor­thy is con­sid­ered deroga­tory by

John” to be men­tioned in the same level some. Of course nowa­days can

askal as dogs. also mean the Na­tional Foot­ball Team

askal So Mar­gaux Uson a. k. a. Mocha as they also go by that nick­name f i nally re­signed as As­sis­tant (Azkal) , but that’s an­other story. Sec­re­tary of the Pres­i­den­tial As a re­sult of the cam­paigns Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Op­er­a­tions Of­fice of an­i­mal wel­fare groups to raise or PCOO in dra­matic fash­ion, no less the na­tional con­scious­ness on an­nounc­ing it in Congress dur­ing the re­spon­si­ble pet own­er­ship, things bud­get hear­ing of said of­fice. slowly change and “walk­ing the dog”

She just fired a warn­ing shot. or “dog walk­ing” has be­come part of Ex­pect the shit to hit the fan, all of it the Pi­noy vo­cab­u­lary. aimed at the “devo­tees to the cult of It is now fash­ion­able and the yel­low rib­bon.” We’ll also re­serve to walk your dog and Pi­noys be­ing

sosyal our com­ments on this for next week. trendy or so­cial climbers in­stantly And I miss Mocha al­ready … fol­low the trend. But in the spirit of an­i­mal wel­fare In western coun­tries, par­tic­u­larly let’s talk about dogs. Tra­di­tion­ally in Amer­ica and Europe, dog walk­ing the av­er­age Filipino does not walk is not j ust a trend or fash­ion his dog; all he does is open the gate state­ment but a busi­ness as well. ev­ery morn­ing and let loose There are pro­fes­sional dog-walk­ers into the streets, hence the term and dog walk­ing clubs. Do we also

Ban­tay or in English it is lit­er­ally have them in the Philip­pines or do

Askal “street dog.” Of course let­ting your they even ex­ist in the coun­try? With

asong ka­lye, dog by him­self on the streets can this story we will find out if they do

in­deed ex­ist here.

To­day the most com­mon sight you will see in af­flu­ent vil­lages ev­ery morn­ing and early evenings are peo­ple walk­ing dogs. First there’s

or the walk­ing her boss’ dog, usu­ally a pure­bred. Then yaya kasam­ba­hay there’s the expat or Filipino walk­ing their own dog. Oc­ca­sion­ally, there’s the pro­fes­sional dog trainer walk­ing the dog as part of their obe­di­ence training.

In the purest sense of the word, the only peo­ple paid to walk the dog are the but that goes with their job, like­wise for the dog

kasam­ba­hays trainer. How­ever, walk­ing the dog is part of the over­all obe­di­ence training and not just dog walk­ing se. In short there is no pro­fes­sional dog-

per walker in the Philip­pines but what we have are dog groups or clubs that have dog walk­ing as part of their ac­tiv­i­ties.

In Metro Manila, there are no for­mal dog groups save from Philip­pine Ca­nine Club Inc. (PCCI) and the Asian Ken­nel Union of the Philip­pines (AKUPI) but these are ba­si­cally or­ga­ni­za­tions for reg­is­ter­ing pure­bred dogs and their main ac­tiv­ity is or­ga­niz­ing and run­ning dog shows for these pure­bred dogs. These two or­ga­ni­za­tions have their lo­cal chap­ters here in Iloilo City and ba­si­cally their ac­tiv­i­ties are sim­i­lar to the main club in Manila.

Dog walk­ing is re­ally an in­for­mal ac­tiv­ity done by dog own­ers and in Que­zon City the best place to walk your dog is the Que­zon Me­mo­rial Cir­cle. There on week­ends you will see all sorts of dogs from your com­mon to pure­breds walk­ing with their own­ers. In Manila, peo­ple

askal usu­ally bring their dogs to the Luneta or to the Bay­walk along Roxas Boule­vard and the Cul­tural Cen­tre of

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