Pro­mot­ing healthy life­style to min­i­mize mal­nu­tri­tion

Panay News - - NEWS -  By Sally Vipinosa,

Teacher III, Tanque Na­tional High School

ONE of the big­gest prob­lems that our world is fac­ing nowa­days is the in­creas­ing rate of mal­nu­tri­tion. There are so many rea­sons why mal­nu­tri­tion is ris­ing. This is ac­tu­ally a com­mon is­sue that comes with an alarm­ing truth.

Mal­nu­tri­tion is a global chal­lenge in low­in­come and mid­dle-in­come coun­tries. In fact, study showed that con­ti­nents like Africa and Asia have the high­est num­ber of peo­ple who are suf­fer­ing from hunger.

Mal­nu­tri­tion i s both a cause and a con­se­quence of ill-health. It is clas­si­fied into three var­i­ous states namely: un­der-nu­tri­tion; over-nu­tri­tion; and the de­fi­cien­cies of spe­cific nu­tri­ents. One com­mon mis­con­cep­tion that peo­ple think is that when they heard the word mal­nu­tri­tion it means that some­one due to poverty doesn’t have suf­fi­cient nu­tri­ents in­take or food to eat.

Well, let me tell you it isn’t like that. Mal­nu­tri­tion as stated above is cat­e­go­rized into var­i­ous states. The Food and Nu­tri­tion Re­search In­sti­tute (FNRI) of the Depart­ment of Science and Tech­nol­ogy de­fines mal­nu­tri­tion as the patho­log­i­cal state, gen­eral or spe­cific, re­sult­ing from a rel­a­tive or ab­so­lute de­fi­ciency or ex­cess in the diet of one or more es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents, which may be man­i­fested clin­i­cally or de­tectable by phys­i­cal, bio­chem­i­cal or func­tional signs or both.

Poor nu­tri­tion con­trib­utes to the low per­for­mance and lack of in­ter­est of a child

in school. It is also as­so­ci­ated in de­vel­op­ing dif­fer­ent dis­eases and poor de­vel­op­ment of a child both phys­i­cally and men­tally. Ac­cord­ing to Save the Chil­dren Foun­da­tion, the Philip­pines has one in three chil­dren be­low 5 years old who is mal­nour­ished.

That is why it is very im­por­tant to pro­mote hav­ing healthy life­style to min­i­mize this is­sue. Eat­ing healthy food to avoid this is­sue is es­sen­tial es­pe­cially among stu­dents and young peo­ple. Pro­mot­ing healthy life­style is the best way to lessen the mal­nu­tri­tion and en­cour­age young peo­ple to be healthy.

Prac­tic­ing good nu­tri­tion is an im­por­tant part of lead­ing a healthy life­style. Nowa­days, young peo­ple of­ten eat un­healthy snacks – those with high sugar, salt and fat con­tent, and are not good for their health. Mal­nu­tri­tion will surely be min­i­mized if pro­mot­ing healthy life­style will be ex­e­cuted. Com­bined with phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity, avoid­ing vices like too much drink­ing and smok­ing, proper sleep, your diet can help you to reach and main­tain a healthy weight, re­duce your risk of chronic dis­eases like heart dis­ease and can­cer, and pro­mote your over­all health.

What you eat and what you do is closely linked to your health. Bal­anced nu­tri­tion plays a vi­tal role in holis­tic de­vel­op­ment of an in­di­vid­ual. By mak­ing health­ier food choices, you can pre­vent or treat some con­di­tions. Al­ways re­mem­ber, health­ier life­style is health­ier you! ( Paid ar­ti­cle)

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