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– You might think that peo­ple aren’t lis­ten­ing to you now be­cause they don’t re­ally want to hear what you have to say. But the dy­nam­ics are com­pli­cated by the fact that you may be un­clear in your com­mu­ni­ca­tion if you’re try­ing to min­i­mize con­flict. How­ever, you’re prob­a­bly turn­ing a mole­hill into a moun­tain, and wor­ry­ing about a prob­lem that only ex­ists in your head. Thank­fully, you have an op­por­tu­nity to strengthen your po­si­tion within your cir­cle of friends and as­so­ciates by ful­fill­ing your prom­ises while also be­ing true to your­self.


– Emo­tions ebb and flow with the ris­ing and fall­ing tides. The only thing that stays the same about your feel­ings is their never-end­ing move­ment. Although you may be dis­tracted by your un­cer­tainty to­day, you’re able to reach be­neath the shifting cur­rents on the sur­face and draw strength from the so­lid­ity of the bedrock be­low. Your ten­dency to re­sist change will only leave you dis­cour­aged now. Para­dox­i­cally, let­ting go of con­trol will likely bring you the elu­sive se­cu­rity that you seek. Poet T.S. Eliot wrote, “Ev­ery mo­ment is a fresh begin­ning.”


– You may be ea­ger to ex­plore new forms of self-ex­pres­sion now by en­rolling in an art or mu­sic class. Or, you might con­sider par­tic­i­pat­ing in a com­pet­i­tive sport. In any case, you crave the dis­trac­tion and ex­cite­ment of un­der­tak­ing some­thing new and dif­fer­ent. How­ever, your de­sire for fresh ex­pe­ri­ences runs into re­sis­tance if some­one who loves you wants you to re­main un­changed. Don’t let oth­ers con­trol who you are or what you do. Never sell your­self short; it’s your de­ci­sions, your out­comes, your life.


– You can only re­main emotionally de­tached for so long, es­pe­cially if it feels like some­one in your fam­ily will con­tinue to poke at you un­til you re­spond. Ul­ti­mately, you know that tak­ing the bait won’t lead any­where use­ful and could even cre­ate un­nec­es­sary pain. Rather than only con­sid­er­ing your own per­sonal needs now, ex­pand your aware­ness to in­clude oth­ers in your so­cial net­work. While one-to-one com­mu­ni­ca­tion may feel awk­ward to­day, you’re more com­fort­able with group dy­nam­ics. Author Mar­garet Carty wrote, “The nice thing about team­work is that you al­ways have oth­ers on your side.”


– You be­lieve you will be one step closer to suc­cess if you can de­clut­ter your sched­ule to­day. But you’re less in­ter­ested in re­ceiv­ing a pro­mo­tion or a pay raise than you are in achiev­ing per­sonal sat­is­fac­tion. Although you might feel the pres­sure from too many de­mands placed on your time, your cur­rent so­lu­tion is not to work faster. In­stead, re­move ex­tra­ne­ous noise from your rou­tine. You may not be sin­gled out for your ex­tra­or­di­nary job per­for­mance, but your new­found hap­pi­ness will be un­de­ni­able.


– Re­main­ing true to your per­sonal con­vic­tions can be chal­leng­ing to­day be­cause ex­press­ing what’s in your heart could stir up con­flict with those close to you. Diver­gent ex­pec­ta­tions are com­pli­cated to man­age in any re­la­tion­ship, es­pe­cially one lack­ing in mu­tual re­spect. How­ever, lov­ing some­one for who they are rather than for who you want them to be only works in the long run if the feel­ings are re­cip­ro­cated. Maya An­gelou wrote, “If we lose love and self-re­spect for each other, this is how we fi­nally die.”


– You may be in a fa­mil­iar pickle to­day as your loved ones push you to make a de­ci­sion. Although your diplo­matic ap­proach to a dilemma en­ables you to un­der­stand both sides of an un­re­solved is­sue, it makes res­o­lu­tion even more elu­sive. Peo­ple might mis­in­ter­pret your am­biva­lence, as­sum­ing you don’t care about the out­come. In fact, the op­po­site is likely true: you care so deeply that you are com­mit­ted to widen­ing your per­spec­tive any way pos­si­ble. Bi­ol­o­gist Thomas Hux­ley wrote, “Make up your mind to act de­cid­edly and take the con­se­quences. No good is ever done in this world by hes­i­ta­tion.”


– You’re will­ing to set aside your per­sonal pref­er­ences to­day in or­der to cre­ate an en­vi­ron­ment of emo­tional se­cu­rity for those you love. You can in­still con­fi­dence in oth­ers by ac­knowl­edg­ing their po­si­tions on a va­ri­ety of mat­ters, even if their ideas are very dif­fer­ent from yours. How­ever, your job is not about play­ing a parental role for any­one else, nor is it to pick apart ev­ery­thing that is wrong with some­one’s opin­ion. In fact, your cur­rent as­sign­ment is to en­cour­age free think­ing and then get out of the way of those who choose to soar on their thoughts.


– Your high level of pro­duc­tiv­ity could sur­prise ev­ery­one to­day, in­clud­ing your­self. You might not start off with such an am­bi­tious agenda, but as you be­gin to check items off your to-do list, the truth be­gins to dawn on you. When it comes time for kick­ing back or kick­ing up your heels, choose to lis­ten to taskmas­ter Saturn now as he gently re­minds you that your progress is a re­ward unto it­self. Ralph Waldo Emer­son wrote, “Life is a jour­ney, not a des­ti­na­tion.”


– You can’t help but find some­one’s be­hav­ior rather an­noy­ing when they act out their emo­tional in­se­cu­ri­ties. But you’re not in­ter­ested in play­ing the role of a psy­chol­o­gist or boss to­day. In fact, you wish you could qui­etly re­treat into your cave, and leave oth­ers to their own de­vices. Un­for­tu­nately, that op­tion is not avail­able now; in­stead, you must step up to the plate and swing for the fences. The good news is it all seems like play time if you are en­joy­ing what you do. Whistling while you work in­spires oth­ers to do the same.


– You could end up spin­ning your wheels, at­tempt­ing to out­ma­neu­ver un­com­fort­able emo­tional in­ter­ac­tions. How­ever, avoid­ance tac­tics won’t work in your fa­vor, only dis­tract­ing you from the real op­por­tu­nity be­fore you. Rather than sidestep­ping an im­por­tant is­sue, try tack­ling it head on now. No mat­ter how hard it is to start a con­ver­sa­tion about a del­i­cate mat­ter, it will still be eas­ier to­day, rather than wait­ing un­til tomorrow. Author Bar­bara Sher wrote, “It’s only too late if you don’t start now.”


– You’re not happy when some­one as­sumes au­thor­ity – whether they have earned it or not – and then crit­i­cizes your ac­tions. You wish you could brush the neg­a­tiv­ity aside and pay it lit­tle mind at all. How­ever, you don’t have the lux­ury of avoid­ing con­fronta­tion when it finds you to­day. Your best bet is to lis­ten with an open mind as oth­ers speak their thoughts. Fi­nally, share your po­si­tion in a non-threat­en­ing man­ner with­out cast­ing any blame. Mag­i­cally, the ten­sion dis­si­pates and rec­on­cil­i­a­tion is in the air, leav­ing you plenty of time to ex­pand your mind and ex­plore your emo­tions.

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