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Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

You ap­pear emo­tion­ally tougher than you ac­tu­ally are to­day, even if you’re scared by your own shadow. But it’s more likely that you’re fright­ened by un­ex­pressed feel­ings. Nev­er­the­less, you al­ways re­tain the op­tion of confronting your sup­pressed fears in­stead of run­ning from them. Although this coura­geous strat­egy re­quires a healthy amount of self-es­teem, you can draw upon the mem­ory of pre­vi­ous suc­cesses to bol­ster your con­fi­dence. The way out is the way through.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

You don’t like wast­ing time with any­one’s emo­tional drama, but you might not be able to avoid it now. Un­for­tu­nately, log­i­cally talk­ing your way around the in­ten­sity only makes the sit­u­a­tion worse to­day. It is said that you must fight fire with fire; ac­cord­ingly, you need to drop all the ra­tio­nal strate­gies and come from a sub­jec­tive heart-cen­tered place when fight­ing wa­ter with wa­ter. Sur­ren­der­ing to your feel­ings is the only way to swim.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20)

You’re ready to en­gage in a bat­tle to de­fend your way of do­ing things to­day. How­ever, your new ap­proach may not be any more ef­fi­cient than the old method. Nev­er­the­less, stick­ing to one over-arch­ing phi­los­o­phy en­ables you to judge your progress with an ob­jec­tive eye. Don’t worry if you’re not mov­ing along as quickly as you pre­fer. Give your­self plenty of time to es­tab­lish a sus­tain­able rhythm. As Ralph Waldo Emer­son wrote, “Adopt the pace of na­ture: her se­cret is pa­tience.”

Can­cer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

You are struck by the light­ning of in­spi­ra­tion to­day, but could have a tough time in­te­grat­ing your cos­mic cre­ations with your job du­ties. In fact, the more out­ra­geous your be­hav­ior, the less ex­pres­sive you are. Don’t with­draw emo­tion­ally and alien­ate your­self from every­one else when you re­ally need the hu­man con­nec­tion now. Be­fore you ini­ti­ate your great es­cape, re­mem­ber the Bea­tles who sang, “I get by with a lit­tle help from my friends.”

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22)

Your opin­ions are so strong to­day that you can’t keep quiet. How­ever, you’re con­cerned about com­ing on too strong be­cause your cur­rent in­ten­sity has the po­ten­tial to spi­ral out of con­trol. But rather than wor­ry­ing about how oth­ers might re­act, just let the lov­ing en­ergy of Mer­cury and Venus shine through your af­fec­tion­ate sign. Some­times, heart­felt words need to carry ex­tra weight. For­tu­nately, peo­ple ex­pect you proud Li­ons to roar when you ex­press your truth.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

You’re a champ at set­ting your needs off to the side in or­der to main­tain in­tel­lec­tual clar­ity. How­ever, it’s not so easy to deny your emo­tions to­day, es­pe­cially if anger bub­bles into aware­ness. It’s un­healthy to ig­nore your feel­ings or try to bury them be­cause they’ll only grow in strength and resur­face at a less con­ve­nient time. You can’t delete a thought in the same way you delete a mes­sage. Ac­knowl­edg­ing your pas­sions is the first step to trans­form­ing them into some­thing pos­i­tive.

Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

You can’t sep­a­rate your feel­ings from your ma­te­rial pos­ses­sions to­day. Ev­ery­thing you own has a story at­tached to it that adds to its unique value. But some things are as­so­ci­ated with dif­fi­cult ex­pe­ri­ences and bring up fear or re­gret. Ob­vi­ously, you can get rid of th­ese of­fend­ing items by giv­ing them away or sell­ing them. How­ever, it takes ex­tra work to fully process your emo­tions in­stead of just elim­i­nat­ing the ob­jects. Em­brac­ing the as­so­ci­ated mem­o­ries starts the heal­ing process of let­ting go.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

You are re­cy­cling an old feel­ing one more time, even if you thought you were al­ready done with it. You have ex­pe­ri­enced some change in the past few weeks, but not enough; your frus­tra­tion could reach a crit­i­cal level to­day when you rec­og­nize your lim­ited progress. But don’t let your con­cerns run away with your en­tire day. Step back from any­thing that feels over­whelm­ing now. It’s as if you are putting a wide-an­gle lens on your cam­era. Once you see things from a larger per­spec­tive, it’s eas­ier to re­lease the past and pro­ceed into the fu­ture.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Although you might cre­ate a lit­tle ruckus to let every­one know you’re se­ri­ous, you don’t want to be in the spot­light to­day. Iron­i­cally, tak­ing a stand could end up at­tract­ing the same at­ten­tion you were try­ing to avoid. In the fi­nal anal­y­sis, your need for pri­vacy will likely out­weigh your de­sire to be un­der­stood. It re­ally doesn’t mat­ter if peo­ple see the real you or not. Con­cen­trate on fin­ish­ing your tasks on time, rather than wor­ry­ing about what oth­ers think. Qui­etly work­ing be­hind the scenes may ul­ti­mately bring the deeper sat­is­fac­tion you seek.

Capri­corn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

En­gag­ing with oth­ers feeds your am­bi­tions and brings your pas­sions to the sur­face to­day. Com­pet­ing on a team or par­tic­i­pat­ing in a group ef­fort is a per­fect way to ex­press your com­mit­ment to your ex­tended fam­ily or com­mu­nity. But watch out for ex­treme feel­ings up­set­ting the del­i­cate bal­ance of in­ter­per­sonal dy­nam­ics. Ob­vi­ously, pulling some­one down won’t ever help you reach the top. Honor your feel­ings as you honor your friends, but don’t fuel ei­ther with ir­ra­tional ex­pec­ta­tions.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Your ca­reer ob­jec­tives are quite fixed now and you have very lit­tle de­sire to ne­go­ti­ate those things that are im­por­tant to you. Although there’s no doubt about your goals, you’re still work­ing on your plans to reach them. Try­ing to get any­one to join you on your next ven­ture is not a wise strat­egy be­cause it will only dis­tract you from your quest. You don’t need to be car­ry­ing oth­ers who will only slow you down. If peo­ple aren’t ac­tively sup­port­ing you, po­litely ask them to have the cour­tesy to get out of your way. For­tune smiles on those who cre­ate their own op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

You are ex­cited about ex­pand­ing your world view by tak­ing up a new course of study or em­bark­ing on your own ex­ploratory trav­els. How­ever, you must be will­ing to open your mind to un­known ex­pe­ri­ences. If you try to cling to your cur­rent per­spec­tive, the op­por­tu­nity for spir­i­tual and emo­tional growth could be lost. Don’t sit around for days fine-tun­ing your plans; get rolling as quickly as pos­si­ble. The cos­mic en­ergy is con­ducive for cre­at­ing pos­i­tive change.

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