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202010 AugustAugu­st 4,4, 2020 1010 www. NewsTuesda­y,NewsTuesda­y, netnet panaynews.panaynews. PanayPanay Classified Services ads Pest Control Funeral Constructi­ons Services School Computer/ Electronic­s Computer / Electronic­s Paid Article Paid Article New Normal: An alternativ­e delivery mode for learning according to students’ pace, time and place Modular Learning: Promotes Independen­t Study By MariLou B. Lozada,  Ed.D. Principal II/OIC AOV Services By Lorenzo B. BentazaL Jr.,  Teacher III Salocon Elementary School, Panitan District adapt with the changes that is happening right now, everyone is in debate on what kind or type of lessons will the Department of Education will provide students for this school year. DepEd has decided to push through the use of modular learning wherein blended or also known as distance learning, which combines printed and offline digital modules, online, television and radio-based instructio­n. It will require students to study self-module lessons at home. Well, as someone who understand­s how education work, I personally think that modular learning is best to be implemente­d for online classes. In other words, using modules will improve many skills of students but the most one to be improved will be the self-directed skills for it encourages independen­t study. This type of learning will also allow TO teachers to know what kind of learning style will work best for their students. Modular learning will also improve mastery skills for students can have reviews anytime they want. It directs students to practice or rehearse informatio­n. According to statistics, most parents preferred the use of modular learning for their children. Children develop a sense of responsibi­lity in accomplish­ing the tasks provided in the module. With little or no assistance from the teacher, the learners progress on their own. They are learning how to learn; they are empowered. Education nowadays changes i n a way that parents have better engagement towards their children studies. With this being said, modular learning will surely become effective if both parents and teacher will cooperate as well. ( and working online is probably now the new trend in this time of pandemic. People now understand the risk of going outside and having interactio­n with other people. During this what we called “New Normal”, the Department of Education has provided alternativ­es on how learners can still continue to learn. With this being said, since alternativ­es are now being devised, it is now up to the teachers on how they will deliver their lectures to their students. Moreover, teachers are aware that students have different learning styles and in order for us to cope up -we need to adjust our delivery mode for learning depending on our students pace, time and place. LEARNING Through the use of science and technology, life has now become easier and online classes are being conducted to provide learners the best and safest environmen­t they could get. With comes to the alternativ­e way of teaching students based on pace, time and place. I believed that parents play a vital role in making this happen. Parents must provide their children an environmen­t not only free od distractio­ns but most importantl­y they should set good examples to their children making them understand the value of learning. Let’s all be united so we can succeed in making sure that our young generation­s will have a bright future ahead of them. ( Contribute­d Article) Contribute­d Article) PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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