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11www. 11www.2020 AugustAugu­st 4,4, 2020 netPanayne­tPanay panaynews.panaynews. NewsNewsNe­ws Tuesday,Tuesday, C lassified ads Services Shipping Health & Beauty Paid Article The Indigenous Peoples Education Program (IPEd) in the Division of Capiz Angel F. PAyo Jr., By Hiring  PhD Division IPEd Focal Person peoples (IPs) remain to be among the best vulnerable and marginaliz­ed members of the citizenry. Many IP communitie­s continue to lack access to decent basic social services, have limited opportunit­ies to engage the mainstream economy, and suffer social, economic and political exclusion. Among the current disadvanta­ges that IPs face, access to culture-responsive basic education stands out as one of the most critical to address, especially if the right to basic education is viewed as an “enabling right.” Basic education is an essential means for IPs to claim their other rights, exercise self-determinat­ion, and expand the choices available to them. In the Division of Capiz, there are six (6) districts that have IP pupils enrolled in the different schools. They are identified as Ati and Panay Bukidnon. Some schools have 100 % IP pupils and others have mixed IP enrollees. The Division of Capiz implemente­d the IPEd program in which it follows the policies as stated in DepEd Order No. 62, series 2011 states that : A. Ensure the provision of universal and equitable access of all IPs to quality and relevant basic education services towards functional literacy for all which is Culture – responsive education B. Adopt appropriat­e basic education pedagogy, content, and assessment through the integratio­n of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSPs) in all learning areas and processes. The integratio­n of Indigenous Knowledge System and Practices (IKSPs) in all subject areas , using MTB-MLE, Alternativ­e delivery modes , and Alternativ­e assessment schemes C. Provide adequate and culturally- appropriat­e learning resources and environmen­t to IP learners. That includes Learning environmen­t, Teaching aids, research by IPs themselves ,Intellectu­al INDIGENOUS property rights of IP communitie­s D. Strengthen the hiring, deployment, and continuous developmen­t of teachers and learning facilitato­rs in the implementa­tion of its IP Education Program E. Establish and strengthen appropriat­e multi-level units within DepED responsibl­e for planning, implementi­ng, and monitoring IP education interventi­ons IP Education Office F. Expand and strengthen institutio­nal and civil society linkages to ensure proper coordinati­on, knowledge- sharing, and sustainabi­lity of the IP Education Program. G. Implement stronger affirmativ­e action to eradicate all forms of discrimina­tion against IPs in the entire Philippine educationa­l system. With these policies, the division office followed with the support of the elders of Ati and Panay Bukidnon. The activities conducted by the focal person were advocacy among elders regarding the IPEd program, celebratio­n of IP month every October, immersion of teachers, school heads, SGOD personnel, EPS and PSDS and elders in the Indigenous Cultural Community particular­ly in Daan Norte, Aglinab, Tapaz, Capiz and Aglalana. Dumarao, Capiz. Retooling of teachers, school heads, SGOD personnel, EPS and PSDS were conducted in order them to know the said program. Developmen­t and utilizatio­n of lesson plans for IPED in kindergart­en to Grade III, bigbooks for kindergart­en and Grade I for Ati and Panay bukidnon learners. Formulatio­n of Consultati­ve Advisory Body (CAB) was done with the elders of Ati and Panay Bukidnon. At present, the division still continue implementi­ng the program with the support of Curriculum Implementi­ng Division, School Governance Operation Division, Office of the School Division Superinten­dent. ( For Sale Paid Article Learning modality applicable to new normal education in Capiz By Midred d. SAMPiAno,  HT-I Felixberto Dicon-Dorado Sr. Integrated School, Panitan District AN investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin Education is one of the most important aspect in life. There are a lot of good things about education but probably one of the most important thing that it provides is the stability in life. In addition, education is something that no one can ever take away from you. By being well- educated and holding a college degree, you increase your chances for better career opportunit­ies and open up new doors for yourself. This is why, learning even we are in midst of pandemic, we need to go with the flow of the new normal. With this being said, educators are thinking of ways to still provide quality learning to students. And here in the province of Capiz, the learning modalities to the new normal that is applicable to “ Capizeno students would be the use of online classes. This type of class can provide learners with safety especially since the blended learning approach would likely to be used. Blended learning modality will provide learning with a traditiona­l lectures or classes together with activities for building cooperatio­n and home work for reviews and refreshing. Also, as part of innovative teaching and learning method, online classes would be much applicable to Capizeno students since the archipelag­o of Capiz are like of those ‘banwa’ so learners don’t need to travel. With the new normal, there are protocols that the government are being considered so that students would still be able to get holistic quality education without getting risk of being infected with the known virus. ( Contribute­d Article) ERRATUM An Erratum of two (2) items in the Notice for Publicatio­n, a Petition for Correction of Clerical Error particular­ly in the GENDER in the Certificat­e of Live Birth of MARK EMMANUEL S. BARILLO, filed by MARK EMMANUEL S. BARILLO, which was a typographi­cal error. Said items were erroneousl­y published in Panay News dated July 20 & 27, 2020. The correct spelling of the name it should be read as MARK GEMMUEL S. BARILLO and not as being published. Our utmost apology. also virtually signed between LANDBANK, ULAP, LPP, LCP, LANDBANK... and LMP during the webinar, which was streamed live over the Facebook pages of ULAP ( fb. com/ ulap. net. ph) and LANDBANK ( fb. com/ landbankof­ficial). Interested borrowers may contact the nearest open LANDBANK Lending Center or Branch nationwide, or call LANDBANK’s customer service hotline at (02) 8-405- 7000 or at PLDT Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-405-7000./ years. Meanwhile, tenor for term loan is up to 10 years. A grace period of up to one year on principal payment for both credit facilities may also be granted. To ensure an extensive informatio­n disseminat­ion and coordinati­on for the l oan availment of t he Lending Program by eligible LGUs, a Memorandum of Understand­ing ( MOU) was Contribute­d Article) Legal Notice 13qFROMPAG­E q Legal Notice ESTRELLA CABALING MARTINEZ, NOTICE is hereby given that died intestate and with no known debts, leaving a parcel of land, which is more particular­ly described as: covered by Original Certificat­e of Title No. 090-FG- 1950 situated in SAN LORENZO, GUIMARAS containing an area of TWENTY NINE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SIXTY SIX (29,666) square meters more or less. Which property is the subject of executed by the heirs, namely: hereinafte­r referred to as hereby adjudicate unto himself the entire estate of the above-described subject however to the liabilitie­s imposed under Sec. 4 Rules 74 of the Rules of Court. That for and in considerat­ion of the foregoing the HEIR/VENDOR, the sum of in hand paid to him with his entire and complete satisfacti­on by and hereinafte­r referred to as The HEIR/VENDOR do hereby sell, cede, transfer and convey by way of Absolute Sale unto the said JOHN MAYNARD SARDINA and JEANY MICHELLE SARDINA, their heirs, successors and assigns the above described portion of land, in accordance with Doc. No. 267; Page No. 55; Book No. I; Series of 2020; Notary Public (Sgd.) ATTY. CARL RUPERT CRISME MUELA. EMILIO ALAMO BRAÑA, NOTICE is hereby given that died intestate, without issue and without any known debts unpaid, during his lifetime was insured by the UNITED COCONUT PLANTERS BANK (UCPB) and Philippine Veterans Affairs Office or Bank (PVAO) or (PVAB); Which property is the subject of executed by the surviving heirs LOT NO. 4267-J EXTRA- DEED OF EXTRAJUDIC­IAL ADJUDICATI­ON AND DEED JOSE CRIS MARTINEZ, JUDICIAL ADJUDICATI­ON OF REAL ESTATE, LOURDES ESPORAS BRAÑA, MA. CECILIA BRAÑA ESPINOSA, MA. CORAZON BRAÑA EUSUYA, MA. TERESA ESPORAS BRAÑA MA. JUDY ESPORAS BRAÑA, MA. CORAZON BRAÑA EUSUYA, OF ABSOLUTE SALE of the deceased, namely: HEIR/VENDOR and herein represente­d by thru a Special Power of Attorney. That pursuant to Sec. 1, Rule 74 of the Revised rules of Court of the Philippine­s, that LOURDES ESPORAS BRAÑA, MA. CECILIA BRAÑA ESPINOSA, MA. TERESA ESPORAS BRAÑA and MA. JUDY ESPORAS BRAÑA, do hereby adjudicate unto themselves the above-described parcel of land, subject to the provision of Sec. 4, of the same Rule, with respect to the claims of whoever may have been deprived of their rights and participat­ion over the above-described benefit claims; in accordance with Doc. No. 1842; Page No. 369; Book No. XIV; Series of 2020; Notary Public (Sgd.) ATTY. SHERWIN PAUL E. QUIDATO. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND PESOS (Php JOHN 150,000.00) MAYNARD SARDINA VENDEES. 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