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1212 www. NewsTuesda­y,NewsTuesda­y, netnet panaynews.panaynews. PanayPanay AugustAugu­st 4,4, 20202020 Assunta de Rossi shares sonogram of her ‘miracle baby’ THREE months after revealing that she is expecting her first child with husband Jules Ledesma, Assunta de Rossi shared a sonogram of the baby on her Instagram account last Sunday. She wrote, “Still less than 2 weeks before I enter my 3rd trimester. Hang in there, coccolina ( Italian for “the cuddly one”)! This is a snap from my congenital anomaly scan, and I couldn’t be more grateful that everything’s good and normal and I pray it stays that way. For now, I’m gonna call her by her nickname, Fiore (Italian for flower).” Currently i n her sixth month of pregnancy, Assunta and her husband are finally in the family way after 16 years of marriage. During her first trimester, the 37- year- old actress admitted to battling fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and food aversions, among other things. Assunta, who said this is their “miracle baby,” shared i n a previous i nterview that her pregnancy was unplanned and conceived wit h o u t a ny medical i nterventio­n. During her second trimester, she also explained that part of the reason why she was having difficulty conceiving was because of her pre- existing conditions which included myoma and endometrio­sis. The actress also said she has not gained any weight since finding out she was pregnant. Assunta and Jules got married on March 14, 2004. ( entertainm­ent Dingdong Dantes honors mom Angeline, wife Marian on his 40th birthday Push) DINGDONG Dantes turned 40 last Sunday. The GMA- 7 actor had a grand party in mind for this milestone birthday, and was supposed to host an “Oktoberfes­t- themed, 90’ s rock, all-out party.” The birthday boy wrote in his latest Instagram post, “That was the plan.” But because of t he coronaviru­s pandemic, the birthday boy had to improvise and still got the booze-filled In his caption, Dingdong expressed gratitude for “life’s greatest gifts,” then dedicated his birthday to two important women in his life—his mother Angeline Dantes and his wife Marian Rivera. Published as is, he wrote: “Today, I honor my mother who brought world.“I had me to into have this my own children to make me realize the sacrifices that our mothers do for us.“She literally put her life on get a birthday greeting, I also celebrate her strength, love and commitment in raising a kulit boy me.“Today, like I also honor my wife who has been my rock and core.“Building a family of my own and reaching milestones have been a blissful and contented journey because I have her as my partner in and for life.“So whenever you greet me, I too laud her dedication, children - who have brought so much meaning to our marriage and our lives.” Lastly, Dingdong took a moment to honor God for making “all things possible and surmountab­le for me all throughout these years.” The next celebratio­n in the Dantes household will be on August 12, Marian’s 35th birthday. The stars have two kids: four-year-old daughter Zia and one- year- old son Kapuso Pep) party he wanted. the line for me. So whenever I care and love for me and our Ziggy. ( Leisure Mar 21 Apr 19) Activity levels escalate a notch at home. Just when you thought you had completed some essential domestic duties, you may discover that they need to be revisited. Thankfully, you are aware of your unfinished business now and not later when things could grow further out of control. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20) Inject new life into your goals to propel you to greater heights. Ideas that seem just outside your reach are inching closer to feasibilit­y now. A mindset shift is all that is necessary to get them on the runway for takeoff. As much as you love a sure bet, you also love being yourself. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) Sensitivit­y at work reaches a fever pitch today. The messages you are receiving now come through your intuition more than direct communicat­ion. Before you act on anything you perceive, consider the array of options in front of you. The right move may be below your radar so leave no stone unturned. Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22) Speak from your heart and the rest will follow. Unfortunat­ely, you might think it is easier to hide today than to deal with the possible repercussi­ons of sharing your feelings. The temptation to flee and imagine yourself emigrating to a new country may play games with your head. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) You may come to a point of stillness today. The world around you might still be bustling, yet in your personal zone you are surrounded by a tranquil calm. When you listen carefully, insightful messages from your subconscio­us percolate into your waking consciousn­ess. SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22) Conversati­on fuels you forward now. You may feel as though you are repeating the same message and running in circles today. However, when you revisit a topic, you can sometimes glimpse it from a fresh vantage point. SUDOKU Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22) The tide appears to be coming back in as an old issue resurfaces at work. Right when you thought you could move on, you are faced with the same predicamen­t once again. Your instincts are activated and you may need to mobilize every fiber of your being to deal with the situation. Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21) Break out the old photo albums, yearbooks, and journals. Or spin up the hard drive with the archive of your digital memories. You may not look back very often, but today you could feel inspired to reminisce about your favorite travels, school experience­s, or your formative years. Have a joke? Send it to Sagittariu­s (Nov 22 – Dec 21) A long-held belief begins to show visible signs of wear and tear. The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse unsettles your 2nd House of Values and what used to apply to your life no longer seems valid. You have grown a lot since you last did an inventory of your standards. It is time to pare down to basics and pinpoint your true priorities. Why was the cell phone wearing glasses? Q: Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19) People are coming out of the woodwork today. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get enough space to think. You may encounter folks you have not seen in a while, maybe even decades. Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) The little things could add up to a big surprise today. You normally approach the material world with a tinge of idealism, but you may come face to face with your tendency to see things through rose-tinted glasses. Something is amiss in your routine and you must find an unconventi­onal solution to fix it. A: It lost its contacts. Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20) Perhaps you recently stumbled into some sort of magical fountain of youth. An enlivened vigor washes over you and you feel thoroughly rejuvenate­d. However, any difficult tasks might not hold your attention for long. Your dial is set to play mode now. Although your responsibi­lity to your obligation­s is unavoidabl­e, you may spruce things up with some harmless mischief. 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