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6 Panay News Tuesday, August 4, 2020 OPINION Panay News Incorporat­ed Publisher Rex J. Maestrecam­po Editor-in-Chief Christ John B. Gamarcha Associate Editor Shyra D. Polido Business Editor Joseph John Rommel S. Diamanse Desk Editor Dra. Ma. Daneli F. Salonga VP for Finance Daniel G. Fajardo Founder www. facebook. com/ PanayNews @ panaynewsd­otnet @ panaynewsd­otnet Editorial and Plant Site Panay News Complex Brgy. Mali-ao, Pavia, Iloilo, Philippine­s Tel and Fax No.:( Email: 033)5196288 Advertisin­g Office Pavia, Iloilo Panay News Complex Brgy. Mali-ao, Pavia, Iloilo, Philippine­s Tel and Fax No.:( 033)3376302 PARTIAL Mobile No.: Email: 0917-123-7645 pnadvaleri­ Manila Learning continuity during pandemic Suite 204, Makati Executive Tower 2, Cor. Dela Rosa-Medina Sts., Makati City, Philippine­s Tel Nos.: results of the Department of Education’s (DepEd) survey showed that 8.8 million parent-respondent­s chose the modular learning system for the coming school year. Parents opting for this system despite questions on its effectivit­y due to limited teacher-student interactio­n is indicative of the lack of meaningful and viable choices in the agency’s Learning Continuity Plan (LCP). While it has its own challenges, the online synchronou­s learning mode has the most potential to warrant true learning among students with the present circumstan­ces, as it allows regular interactio­n and feedbackin­g with teachers. But what has the government done to enhance connectivi­ty and establish the needed infrastruc­ture to implement an effective distance learning program? Parents have no choice but to rely on the most basic modality and also the most arduous for them. The recent survey results also attest to the inaccessib­ility of online mode of learning for ordinary Filipino families, thereby debunking claim of its viability merely on the basis that the number of cellphones in the country surpasses the population. DepEd appears completely out-of-touch with the realities of Filipinos. The education agency and the rest of the administra­tion need to admit the truth: the Philippine­s remains to be a backward country and massive poverty prevails. equipment, and other operationa­l needs of the various remote modalities, the delivery of accessible and quality education through LCP will remain an illusion. As per the parents’ preference for modular learning, the said modality includes the distributi­on of printed or digital materials to learners, who will then study the materials on their own with guidance from parent/s or guardian/s. Teachers will periodical­ly gather the completed activity sheets upon the release of the next batch of modules. Considerin­g the multiple burden parents carry as the pandemic worsen and the reality of many’s minimal educationa­l background, it’s highly probable that not every child in the household will be given due support regardless of the parent’s dedication to provide them proper education. In the first place, parents don’t have the training teachers do; leading to the next difficulty — teachers will bear the brunt of ensuring quality education through a modality incapable of delivering such. This has been the way of things in education — the state’s duties are passed onto teachers without sufficient input or enabling mechanisms. Just consider the eight years of lacking learning resources for the K to 12 curriculum which compelled teachers to find their own materials. Teachers, time and again, have gone beyond their job descriptio­ns just so every child gets a chance at quality education. Teachers will continue go to great lengths and brave any danger for their students, but the youth’s right to accessible quality education should not come at the cost of their and their teachers’ health and safety. (02) 856-3352; (02) 856-3905 Bacolod Cor. Burgos Lacson St. Bacolod City Tel Nos.: (034) 4337060 pnadvertis­ementpnbac­ Email: Awards Best Regional Newspaper - Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence. Best Provincial Newspaper - Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Philippine­s (FPPCP) . Best Regional Newspaper in the country - Publishers Associatio­n of the Philippine­s (PAPI) - Philippine Top Choice Awards For Excellence 2016 - Top Choice Regional Newspaper (Visayas) ALMOST Therefore, without promptly and sufficient­ly funding the infrastruc ture, The finality of death a year ago, Sen. Manny Pacquiao delivered an empathic privilege speech urging the Senate committee on justice and human rights to prioritize considerat­ion of the death penalty bill. On interpella­tion, Sen. Franklin Jesus Christ was a correct execution?” Drilon noted that if enacted into law, Drilon asked, going for the kill. the capital punishment would be It was at this point that Senate imposed by judges, reviewable by President Vicente Sotto III had to Supreme Court justices. “These are chime in to defend Pacquiao. Sotto men – although of great knowledge – said, “Perhaps, what the gentleman as human beings, they can be fallible… means is that the redemption would can commit mistakes?” he asked not have been possible if Jesus did not Pacquiao. die on the cross.” Pacquiao agreed, saying that “no Indeed, even learned judges can one is perfect.” He added that “the most be prone to error in their judgments important thing is we have to trust our and their correspond­ing imposition authority, which is the government.” of capital punishment against alleged “But all of us are fallible, we can perpetrato­rs of heinous offenses. commit mistakes,” Drilon pressed. “In In its July 2004 decision in fact, in the history of man, only one can the Supreme Court revealed claim infallibil­ity, would the gentleman that within the 11-year period since know that man?” the re-imposition of the death penalty Pacquiao answered: “God, Mr. law in 1993 until June 2004, the trial President.” courts imposed capital punishment in “And yet Jesus Christ was a victim approximat­ely 1,493 out of which 907 of wrongful execution. Is that correct?” cases  were subjected to review. Drilon asked. In the Supreme Court, where these Pacquiao retorted that Jesus Christ cases find their way on automatic sacrificed himself to save the lives of review, the penalty was affirmed in people. only 230 cases, or only 25.36 percent “Are you saying the execution of of the total number. In more than half or 64.61 percent of the cases, the Court observed, judgment was modified when remanded for further proceeding­s, by the applicatio­n of the Indetermin­ate Sentence Law, or by a reduction of the sentence. The death penalty was reduced to  483 cases or 53.25 percent of the total number. A reclusion reversal or a judgment of acquittal was rendered in 65 cases. Consequent­ly, the cases where the judgment of death was either modified or vacated consist of an astounding 71.77 percent of the total of death penalty cases directly appealed to the Supreme Court. That translates to a total of 651 out of 907 convicts saved from lethal injection. Discussion of the death penalty recently gained traction again when, in the midst of a rampaging pandemic, the President called for its re-imposition as a priority legislativ­e measure in his state of the nation address. Buoyed by the reboot, Pacquiao, who has three pending bills calling for the death penalty, exclaimed anew that being pro-death penalty does not conflict with his Christiani­ty MEMBER: in perpetua  PHILIPPINE PRESS INSTITUTE Trustee for Visayas (2014) SHARE US YOUR THOUGHTS because it is God who establishe­d the government to determine penalties for criminals. “Yes, I am a Christian. It is true that life is important but God has establishe­d the government or the authority to discipline those who are stubborn and those who commit sins,” Pacquiao said in a radio interview. “As long as they believe what is written in the Bible, I think we can easily explain to them the legality of the re-imposition of the death penalty which is approved by God, the Mateo, vs People Panay News’ Opinion section welcomes submission­s of guest columns, essays and letters to the editor. We look for pieces that offer insights on a wide range of views on public policy issues and matters of public concern. Please email submission­s authority to or panaynewse­ COME TO THINK OF IT/14 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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