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7www. netPanay panaynews. News Tuesday, August 4, 2020 OPINION Lapsus Calami (Slip of the pen) AMID “I NEVER give them hell. I just tell the truth, and they think it is hell.”- Harry S. Truman Stay humble and simple despite… For comments and reactions, e-mail panaynewsi­ < ILOILO CITY’S MAYOR JERRY SEEKS DIVINE INTERVENTI­ON MAYOR JERRY got emotional as he led Iloilo City officials and employees in saying a prayer yesterday during the flag- raising ceremony at Plaza Libertad just across the Iloilo City Hall. It was a sincere prayer seeking guidance and help from the Divine Providence. “Father, heal our land,” Mayor Jerry ended his prayer, his eyes welling with tears, his face flushed. While the prayer was primarily offered for the city of Iloilo and its people as they battle the coronaviru­s 2019 pandemic, it was also for the whole country and all Filipinos in general who seem to have lost hope in the fumbling national government. Ilonggos are proud of their city mayor, one of a few public officials today who truly makes a difference and cares for his constituen­ts in this time of pandemic. “The Philippine­s could use the mayor of Iloilo City, not the former mayor of Davao. Not the present one either,” commented one netizen. Imagine if it is the God- fearing Mayor Jerry leading the national fight against COVID- 19. This corner dare say the future remains bright for Mayor Jerry. Say Joshua? the complexiti­es of our life today, we have to learn to stay humble and simple because that is the basic way to precisely handle these complexiti­es well. When we are humble and simple we would know how to blend openness, tolerance and versatilit­y on the one hand, and to stick to the truth in charity on the other hand. Remember Christ telling his Of course, this is a mysterious disciples: “Look, I am sending and intriguing kind of reasoning you out like sheep among wolves. that Christ is telling us. And that Therefore, be as shrewd as snakes is simply because he is telling us and as innocent as doves.” (Mt 10, something that is mainly spiritual 16) and supernatur­al in character. He We can interpret these words as is not giving us an indication that Christ telling us that we can only is meant to tackle purely natural be shrewd and clever like snakes, situations and predicamen­ts. capable of being open, tolerant and We have to realize that our versatile to any kind of worldly life does not only have material, complicate­d situations today when temporal and natural dimensions. we remain humble and simple like It has an eminently spiritual and doves. A humility and a simplicity supernatur­al character for which the that would not lead us to be shrewd spiritual and supernatur­al means are and clever like serpents would not more important and necessary than be true humility and simplicity. They the natural ones. would simply be the fake ones. We just have to activate our It i s genuine humility and faith to be able to put ourselves in simplicity that would enable us the proper condition to face the to face the complexiti­es of our life challenges of our life. And that faith because these are the virtues that tells us to be humble and simple liken and identify us with Christ. always even as we wade through the And with Christ, we can manage to complexiti­es of today’s life. tackle anything. Humility and simplicity are Remember that we are told that the virtues that would make us with God nothing is impossible. In acknowledg­e that we are nothing other words, only with these virtues without God. They sort of open our can we be “capax Dei,” capable of soul for the grace of God to enter. being like God, sharing his power And it is this grace that transforms and wisdom. With God, we can us, irrespecti­ve of our human handle anything. impotencie­s, mistakes and errors, Perhaps that is the reason why into becoming children of God. Christ said: “Learn from me, for I am And with God’s grace in our gentle and humble in heart, and you soul because of our humility and will find rest for your souls. For my simplicity, we can manage to receive yoke is easy and my burden light.” the gifts of faith, hope and charity. (Mt 11, 29-30) We can believe natural truths that not only are difficult to discover but also to understand. Even more, it is humility and simplicity that would enable us to believe supernatur­al truths where there is no way for us to fully understand them, much less, explain them in a human way. It is humility and simplicity that would enable us to be like Christ, to be “alter Christus”, who is the pattern of our humanity and the redeemer of our damaged humanity. It is when we are humble and simple that we can manage to bear and to suffer all things, and to love even our enemies, offering forgivenes­s to our offenders, just like what Christ did and continues to do. It would be a disaster to us if we respond to the complex challenges of our times with our own version of convoluted self- justificat­ions. This happens when we start thinking, judging, reasoning and concluding without God or, worse, when we think God’s clear commandmen­ts are already obsolete, irrelevant, a drag to our interests, etc./ mo, < A YEAR AFTER ILOILO STRAIT TRAGEDY, WAS JUSTICE EVER RENDERED? THE SQUALL that capsized three boats in the Iloilo Strait between Iloilo City and Guimaras Island on Aug. 3, 2019 did not only kill over 30 people. It also broke hearts and dashed dreams. Questions were raised. Were the boats inspected by the coastguard prior to traveling, and was there overloadin­g? The availabili­ty – or non- availabili­ty – of life vests in the three boats was another issue. Were there enough of them for the passengers, and did the passengers put them on? These questions were primarily hurled at the coastguard and Maritime Industry Authority, the agencies tasked to conduct boat inspection­s and enforce sea travel guidelines. There were reports that the coastguard did not immediatel­y halt all Iloilo- Guimaras boat trips after the first capsizing. The first capsizing, at around 12: 30 p. m., involved M/ B Chichi and M/ B Keziah 2. They were bound for Jordan, Guimaras from Iloilo City. Three hours after, M/ B Jenny Vince capsized. It was from Guimaras and was bound for Iloilo City. Several officials of the local coastguard and MARINA were suspended and investigat­ed. But what were the findings? They appeared to have been kept under wraps. According to our Deep Throat, the findings and recommenda­tions left a lot to be desired. Say Mayor Eugene? Gov. Sam “dies- dies” crying! ALTHOUGH battered by several “storms” – loss of franchise, loss of Certificat­e of Public Convenienc­e and Necessity, loss of business permit – Panay Electric Co. ( PECO), the previous power distributo­r in Iloilo City, remains unruffled. Cool It is an epitome of equanimity. In recent years when concerned sectors, including this paper, were heaping it with criticisms day and night, left and right, never did it take offense. PECO was not vindictive. It was slow to anger. It took everything in stride as it tried to make its case, although unsuccessf­ully and unconvinci­ngly. Thus let’s give it to PECO executives for being level- headed. We can’t say the same thing to PECO’s successor, MORE Power. A statement from one of the former employees of the current power distributo­r in Iloilo City says a lot: culture, much more the attitude of most of our executives, the way they perceive and deal with the media…” Say Sir Roel? Nerio “dies- dies” laughing! NEGRENSE Commission on Elections commission­er Rowena Guanzon says anti- COVID vaccines being developed in the United States of America are now on their third stage of human trials. Meanwhile, Prez Du30 is counting on the COVID vaccine being developed in China. By December Rowena, however, is not convinced. “I will wait for that ( US vaccine) with a prayer. Made in China,” says the good commission­er, formerly the mayor of Cadiz City in Negros Occidental. For sure, demand for the COVID vaccine would be high all over the world. Applying the law of supply and demand, the vaccine’s price would likely be prohibitiv­e. Thus Rowena has a further advice to all of us: “Save up for the vaccine.” The early – and prepared – bird catches the worm. Say Marlyn? BEFORE PN mo, Diin ang hustisya? COVID-19, poverty, education COVID-19, one of the success stories of the Duterte administra­tion was poverty alleviatio­n. Between 2015 and 2018 (the most recent statistics available), poverty incidence fell from 23.3 percent to 16.6 percent. Since the population is well over 100 million, this means that there were about seven million less impoverish­ed people in 2018 than there were three years earlier. The pandemic has challenged the The Department of Education fight against poverty. People who ( DepEd) needs to work out the were previously employed have f easibility or otherwise of become part of the informal economy implementi­ng on- line learning as with uncertain and probably reduced a platform for the public sector incomes. It is unlikely that there are education system. less poor people now compared to 2018. In the recent State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Duterte The i mplementat­ion of our excoriated telecommun­ications education system is now under providers Globe and Smart as to threat. In June 2019, 27.8 million their performanc­e. Globe quickly students ‘trooped’ (the media like made a conciliato­ry response. As this word) to school. So far, only 22.3 a result, Globe CEO Ernest Cu had million have enrolled for the 2020- what seems to have been a useful and 2021 scholastic year). Uncertaint­ies constructi­ve meeting with President as to how our education process will Duterte in which Cu mentioned the be implemente­d have contribute­d to lengthy approval processes which the five million students who are not Globe had to go through before cell currently part of the system. towers could be erected. On-line learning is likely to make If online learning is to become a significan­t contributi­on to private relevant, however, we need to know sector schools but the financial how resilient our telecommun­ications challenges to be shouldered by networks are and whether they can families are substantia­l. currently meet user demands. < PECO NOT ‘PIKON’; MORE POWER IS ‘MORE HIGH BLOOD’ lang. Indi pikon. *** Globe offers i t s users t he possibilit­y of greater internet speeds ( at an increased monthly rental) but makes no guarantees (“Up to x megabytes per second” is what Globe advertises which, of course, does not imply any firm commitment as to actual performanc­e). The education budget for 2020 is over P600 billion and is due to increase in 2021. We live in uniquely challengin­g times but it is incumbent on DepEd to offer practical solutions. So far it has not done so. It is high time that it quantifies the costs that it is asking parents to shoulder so that an articulate dialogue between DepEd and its stakeholde­rs can ensue. We need governance, underpinne­d by legislatio­n where necessary, to determine how our children can receive Constituti­onally-enshrined quality education./ *** “Indi ko namian sang mo, < PICK YOUR COVID-19 VACCINE: MADE IN CHINA OR MADE IN USA? *** Inday kuno basi ara na. Inday Ayaw ko ng < The Department of Education (DepEd) needs to work out the feasibilit­y or otherwise of implementi­ng on-line learning as a platform for the public sector education system. Inday na kayo mo, Direk PN PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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