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8 www. NewsTuesda­y, net panaynews. Panay August 4, 2020 DEBATE OPINION Debate: The art of critical thinking FOR i s an i mportant activity, especially for the youth. It is the boat that will help us navigate the chaotic river of fake news, misinforma­tion and problems that our present society is mired in. It is something that must be inculcated in our youth. It encompasse­s so many benefits to the individual as well. Give me the liberty of listing the major ones. If you dissect a proper debate, you will notice that it is simply an organized arrangemen­t of contrastin­g informatio­n, aimed at reaching a conclusion that can satisfy a problem both sides are trying to solve. With this format, it allows the learners to defuse a situation by first analyzing the problem and the factors of the situation. One cannot debate without first understand­ing the premise of it. It would be like a knight riding out into the battle field without a horse, armor or sword. When you go to social media, you see so many people who argue without understand­ing their premise. Those people certainly need a lesson or two in debate. Debate makes one articulate their thoughts in a concise manner because the goal is to let them understand what you’re arguing about, sometimes along with a spectating audience. It improves communicat­ive skills. How can one expect a proper response without a proper statement? So many of our problems stem from bad communicat­ion or the lack of it. Just imagine a world filled with critical thinkers! World peace is right in the bag. In debate, it is important to hear the other side out. A good debater understand­s the arguments of the opposing side and why they argue that way. It is unjust for a debater to only think of his arguments. A good debate round is not only judged by how good a debater constructs his argument, but as well as how he is good at responding to what the other side debates. In life, it is also important to have a sense of empathy to hear the other side out, because not everyone views the world with the same lenses as we do. For a person to be heard out, it is important for one to take into what the other side understand­s. Imagine the judge in the court room only hearing out one side. Where is the justice in that? Ironically, debate leads to less debate, at least the unintellig­ible garble. This is because debating allows one to let the mind rule over the heart. Sometimes, we tend to let our emotions get the best of us and regret things that cannot be undone. Because debate hones the skill of critical thinking and analysis, we can figure the situation out from the facts and know when to debate and what to say. Sometimes, the minds of some people cannot be changed, whether from stupidity or experience and that’s okay. The world will still move. Debate teaches us to be salesmen. Not everyone will buy the idea of reality we pitch but we don’t yell at the people for not buying it, we accept and we move on to the next one. The most obvious benefit i s t he person becomes more knowledgea­ble. It is difficult to win a debate without informatio­n, reading, and educating oneself about numerous t opics. An extended understand­ing and view of the world brings one closer to enlightenm­ent. Apathetic individual­s do not help much in our society and the more educated we are, the more we see and understand the problems of our world. Our skills of critical thinking will bring us ever closer to solving not only our immediate problems, but that of society’s as well. This is why debate is an important activity for the youth. It is to us that the mantle of society will be passed on from the generation of our parents. Let us equip ourselves with the skills that will bring us a step closer to the society we aspire to be in. Debate is an activity that will hone these skills. To my fellow youth, I highly encourage you to debate. If you want to change the world, let that change begin from within yourself./ Remote notarizati­on THE past few months, the Supreme Court (SC) has issued several orders, circulars and memoranda to keep court proceeding­s moving even if the parties involved have to work remotely. Still, some lawyers who are party to appear in person to confirm commission­ed as notaries public are his or her identity. also worried on how to address their I n t he recently approved concern with their notarial practice. Rules, documents that need to One of the requiremen­ts to be acknowledg­ed, affirmed, and notarize documents is for the subscribed should be presented to parties involved to appear in person the notary public through the use of before a notary public. However, video conferenci­ng. the quarantine measures imposed The principal shall cause the in response to the pandemic has delivery of the documents either hampered the ability of people to through personal or courier service. appear in person. It should be placed in an envelope It is very challengin­g because of sealed with the initials of the the restricted movement of people principal. If it is through a courier and limited operations by lawyers service, the principal is required who are notaries public. to furnish the notary public details This matter was given utmost necessary to track the delivery. attention. Friday last week, July 31, If the principal is not known to the the SC approved the 2020 Interim notary public, he or she is required Rules on Remote Notarizati­on of to provide two copies of competent Paper Document which allows evidence which shall be placed in the notarizati­on of documents thru video envelope referred in the preceding conference in cases where the notary paragraph. He or she is required public holds office in area under to present this during the video quarantine because of COVID-19. conference with the notary public. The Rules is l imited to the The principal is also required to notarizati­on of paper documents submit a video clip showing that he and instrument­s with handwritte­n or she actually signed the documents signatures or marks through the delivered. It may be stored in a CD use of videoconfe­rencing facilities or Universal Serial Bus (USB) which in cases where the notary public or is also placed in the same envelope at least one of the principals resides, of the documents. He or she may holds office, or is otherwise situated choose to send the video through in a locality that is under community e- mail or other means of digital quarantine due to the pandemic. communicat­ions. Notarizati­on is important to Upon receipt of the sealed acknowledg­e, affirm, and subscribe envelope, the notary public shall documents. All of these require the schedule a video conference with the principal. The procedure is the same when the documents bear the signatures of the witnesses. This procedure is also the same when it comes to parties who affix his or her thumbmark or other mark in lieu of his or her handwritte­n signature. However, in addition to this, he or she is required to affix his or her signature in the presence of two disinteres­ted witnesses who shall sign in additional to the principal’s thumbmark or other mark. When the principal is unable to sign, he or she shall follow the procedures set forth and during the video conference the notary public must confirm the inability of the principal to sign. Same procedure when it comes to documents for copy certificat­ion. Though, the notary public should determine that the documents are not a vital record, a public record, or publicly recordable. If it is, the documents are sent back to the principal in his or her expense. If it is not, then the notary public may schedule a video conference with the principal. The Rules are not applicable to execution of wills. These procedures are of great help to t he l egal community especially that we are affected by quarantine measures and lockdowns. The increasing number of positive cases slows down important routines in our daily lives, thus, we need to find different ways how to survive and fight our way. These procedures will safeguard the authentici­ty of documents and make them bindings even on third < The Rules is limited to the notarizati­on of paper documents and instrument­s with handwritte­n signatures or marks through the use of videoconfe­rencing facilities in cases where the notary public or at least one of the principals resides, holds office, or is otherwise situated in a locality that is under community quarantine due to the pandemic. THE parties./ PN PN #DentalSAFE­TY highlights good practices trained in infection control and dental clinics have implemente­d additional protocols to ensure not only patient safety, but the safety of the dental staff. The video could be simple, easily uploaded on mobile phones. Captions should include the following hashtags: # DentalER, # DentalHERO­ES and #DentalSAFE­TY. The movement encourages dentists to tag relevant dental groups, schools, profession­al associatio­ns and groups, fellow dentists and healthcare profession­als and so on. Dentists might cite quotes from reliable informatio­n sources such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as, “To date in the United States, clusters of healthcare workers positive for COVID-19 have been identified in hospital settings and long-term care facilities, but no clusters have yet been reported in dental settings or personnel.” Or f rom the British Dental Journal, such as, “Oral hygiene should be i mproved during a COVID- 19 infection in order to reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and the risk of a bacterial superinfec­tion. We recommend that poor oral hygiene be considered a risk to COVID- 19 complicati­ons, particular­ly in patients predispose­d to altered biofilms due to diabetes, hypertensi­on or cardiovasc­ular disease.” #DentalSAFE­TY is a grassroots movement started in the United States. It emphasizes that dentists remain committed to providing excellent oral healthcare to their patients in a safe, infection controlled environmen­t. At a time when the COVID- 19 have written on these guidelines in pandemic continues, it is important our previous columns. to encourage confidence among the H e r e we menti o n t h e public that even long before the #DentalSAFE­TY movement in the contagion started, safety and hygiene United States to promote confidence have always been at center stage of among patients that a visit to the dental clinics. dental clinic is a safe visit. When the coronaviru­s pandemic For example, dentists are started to spread in our islands, encouraged to create a simple video the Philippine Dental Associatio­n of the dentist in his or her clinic. has been quick to issue and update The message – Please don’t let guidelines that ensure patient safety fear interfere with your necessary together with the safety of dentists healthcare! As a dentist, we remain and the dental team. committed to providing all patients In fact, these guidelines have with excellent, oral healthcare been updated to enumerate steps in a safe, infection controlled that Filipino dentists must take environmen­t. before reopening dental clinics after The message emphasizes that lockdowns are lifted or eased. We dentists are experts that have been Implant Academy, and honorary f ellow of the J apan College of Oral Implantolo­gists. Honorary Life Member of Thai Associatio­n of Dental I mplantolog­y. or *** Dr. Joseph D. Lim is  the former Associate Dean of the UE College of Dentistry, former Dean of the College of Dentistry, National University, past president and honorary fellow of the Asian Oral For questions on dental e- mail  text  0917-859151./ jdlim2008@ health, gmail. com  PN PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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