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Special lane for elderly voters on May 9 polls

-  By Glenda Tayona

CAPIZ – Elderly voters will have special lanes in polling precincts on May 9, election day.

According to Commission o n E l e c t i o n s ( C o m e l e c ) provincial supervisor Atty. Tictac Villanueva i n an interview with radio station RMN Roxas City, the special lanes will also accommodat­e pregnant women and persons with disability (PWDs).

For those who manifest high body temperatur­e which is one of the symptoms of coronaviru­s disease 2019, a separate secure area for voting will be provided, Villanueva added.

The e l e c t i on of f i c e r reminded voters that taking pictures of other voters, ballots and voting receipts inside polling precincts is prohibited.

Taking photos of or making copies of one’s ballot after voting is strictly prohibited since it could be used for votebuying or vote-selling.

Violating ballot secrecy i s considered an election offense.

V i l l a n u e v a c l a r i f i e d , however, that bringing of cell phones inside the polling place is not prohibited./

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