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DATA from World Bank showed that agricultur­e workers accounted for only 22.86% of the Philippine labor force in 2019, compared with 37.11% in 2000, which means more and more Filipinos are abandoning farms and farm work.

Diri sa probinsya sang Iloilo which is considered the rice granary of Western Visayas, pila na lang ang nabilin nga mga mangunguma?

The average age of our farmers and fishers is 58 years old. In two years’ time, senior citizen na sila. No new generation of farmers and fishermen to take over. Sin-o na lang manguma, mangisda, mananggot ukon magtanum utnaon?

The government will have to invest more substantia­lly in the agricultur­e sector if it wants to attract a new generation of farmers and ensure food security for the country.

Say mo, Direk Remelyn?

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