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PREZ Du30 made the announceme­nt to end e- sabong operations in his “Talk to the People” recorded on Monday night and aired on Tuesday morning.

Is the so-called “end” final and permanent? Or is it just temporary? Many people are asking, especially the bulang enthusiast­s.

Is the President serious? Is his decision final? Basi mag- change pa? Only fools do not change their minds, and Prez Du30 is certainly not a fool, di bala?

Frankly, what the government earns from e- sabong pales in comparison to the losses the people incur in terms of gambling debt, crime, the breakup of families, and much much more.

There have been reports that some people stay awake for 24 hours to bet on sabong. Haslo!

E- sabong is inconsiste­nt with the values of the Filipino who value faith and family more than anything else. Take a look at the rising number of crimes related to e- sabong, including the disappeara­nce of 34 sabungeros early this year with some police officers allegedly involved. There are also reports of some police officers resorting to robbery, and of a woman who sold her baby — all to pay off their gambling debt. Tonto!

Actually, the end of e- sabong is long overdue, especially as interest in the archaic bloodbath continues to wane in recent years.

In cockfights, the sharp razors attached to the roosters’ feet tear through flesh and bone, causing agonizing and fatal injuries. The birds, which are purposeful­ly bred to fight, are forced to fight no matter how wounded or tired they become, and they are often drugged into submission. These are a few of the many reasons why cockfighti­ng is illegal in the United States, Australia, most of Europe, and many other countries. The Philippine­s should follow suit in banning not just e- sabong, but all sabong.

Say mo, Toto Jesry?

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