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The hardest one to beat


IWROTE this article on May 3, 2022, as a celebrator­y article. This is not only for me but also for those who took their oath on Monday, May 2. Exactly five years ago that day I was restless, helpless, and clueless. Despite such circumstan­ces, I was very hopeful. I was hopeful to see my name appear as one of the successful Bar examinees.

My story may be a rehash of day” and that “may abogada ka na what I always share with those dugay-dugay.” who are close to me. But I guess My parents came home at I wouldn’t be tired of sharing around 10 a.m. A few minutes it because it is one of the best later, some of our friends came moments of my life. to our house to check on how

It is something the hardest my parents were doing. I didn’t one to beat. come out to say hello to them. I

On May 3, 2017 the 2016 Bar went back to my room and cried examinatio­ns results came out. I so hard because I felt like I was thought the results were out at one in a very awkward and stressful o’clock in the afternoon. Little did I situation. know that it came out earlier – 11 “What if I don’t make it?” I o’clock in the morning. asked.

Earlier that day a lot of things “I don’t know how to break happened. Mama and Papa were the news with a lot of people in off to work at around 5:30 a.m. our place.” when they met an accident. “I just want to be alone.” They were fine though they had “I don’t want to share my bruises. Well, as they say, the failure with others.” show must go on; thus, they still While I was crying so hard my went off to work. It was business phone rang that I felt annoyed. as usual. It was a call from an unknown

I can still recall when Papa number ( actually, it wasn’t shared with me his conversati­on unknown per se because I just with a friend. He told his friend forgot to save my lawyer friend’s about the accident and the number). latter said that when something “Hello?” bad happens he should expect “Aaayyyiiin! Congratula­tions! something good thereafter. Congrats, Atty. Aplasca!” Before his friend left, he told Papa “Huh? Sin- o ni? Ala- una pa that maybe “today is (was) a good results.”

Each of us has a story to tell about how we overcame law school and the Bar examinatio­ns. And this is my story of the day I knew I made it.

I didn’t check my name online. I was 100% sure I passed the Bar examinatio­ns. During the waiting period, I felt I am going to make it, but I just kept it to me myself because there was uncertaint­y.

I trusted my lawyer friend that she will never joke and make fun of it. Of course, I checked my name online but only after almost an hour when I’m done with my big announceme­nt at home.

I was crying while making my way out and approached Papa telling him “Pa, kapasar ko sa Bar.” And the rest of the day was history.

Each of us has a story to tell about how we overcame law school and the Bar examinatio­ns. And this is my story of the day I knew I made it.

To those who took and passed the Bar, I think all of you are amazing. Congratula­tions!!! The grit was extraordin­ary, especially since you did it in the middle of a pandemic.

To those who didn’t make it, do not lose faith in your own intelligen­ce and willpower. Cross the finish line confidentl­y.

There is no mystery in passing the Bar examinatio­ns. It requires study and practice time and focusing on the things that suit you best. You will conquer it!/

“They will be confused. Why? They might

be mistaken into thinking that they need to be vaccinated before voting or at the same time, they may say that vaccinatio­n is a requiremen­t; they might become afraid,

especially the unvaccinat­ed ones.”

– Commission­er George Garcia, Commission on Elections

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