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THIS EARLY, we are calling on the Commission on Elections to start shopping for newer, more durable and more technologi­cally advanced votecounti­ng machines (VCM) for the 2025 midterm elections.

The machines used in yesterday’s elections worked as expected – well, majority of them. But people are wondering why other machines suffered glitches that wasted so many voters’ time and votes. Haslo! Pila pa lang gani ka balota ang gin feed sa VMC, nag- malfunctio­n na. Tarso! This is unacceptab­le considerin­g that two days before the elections, gin test man ang mga vote-counting machines, ‘ di bala? And they worked just fine. Pero nga-a after a day, sang gamiton na kahapon, nagpalya-palya? Tonto! One explanatio­n – daan na ang mga vote-counting machines. These were used pa during the 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 elections. Of course, nalipasan na sang newer technologi­es, software and hardware.

Comelec must realize that technologi­cal developmen­ts happen at lightning speed these days. After two to three years, may bag-o. The poll body must keep up with the times to ensure that our voting-counting machines are at par with technologi­cal developmen­ts.

Do you agree, Comelec regional director Wil Balisado?

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