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Real understand­ing of PH education crisis

(Due to its relevance, we yield this space to the statement of the University of the Philippine­s - College of Education on the appointmen­t of the next Secretary of the Department of Education. – Ed.)


THE PHILIPPINE­S faces an education crisis. Problems that have hounded Philippine education have been compounded by the COVID- 19 pandemic which necessitat­ed measures that affected the learning of students. Quality of teaching remains a serious problem. Resources are scant. Teachers continue to be overworked and underpaid. Access to education is not inclusive, with students in some areas benefiting from better support while those in far-flung areas receiving very little assistance. The next Secretary of the Department of Education faces monumental challenges that need a serious, sustained, and concerted effort to overcome.

The current state of education demands that the next Department of Education Secretary prepare and execute a comprehens­ive and inclusive post-pandemic education program. The coming leader should present innovative solutions to perennial education issues about teachers’ welfare, equitable access to education, responsive curriculum, and inclusive education, among others.

The next DepEd secretary should have not only the right academic qualificat­ions and experience but also a long-standing advocacy on educationr­elated issues and a deep understand­ing and commitment to alleviatin­g the plight of students, teachers, researcher­s, and staff. This leader should ensure that individual­s who possess the requisite qualificat­ions, experience, and track record are engaged to help face challenges and move Philippine education forward.

The new Secretary should commit to protecting our people’s history that documents both our hardships and hard-won triumphs. Therefore, the next education leader should ensure the teaching of history based on facts and not myths and subjective interpreta­tions. With the rampant spread of misinforma­tion, disinforma­tion and malinforma­tion, the next Secretary should ensure that education will be used to fight lies and expose the truth.

Finally, our education leader should value and protect our youth’s expression of beliefs and critical stance on important issues because this is a clear manifestat­ion of the successful achievemen­t of our education’s goal in developing citizens who are critical thinkers and protectors of our democratic processes. It is their brave contributi­on and commitment to their civic duties as Filipino citizens.

The College of Education commits to its mandate to uphold quality education and Filipino values, and we expect the Department of Education, under the leadership of a new Secretary, to do the same.

Lagi’t lagi para sa bata at para sa bayan!

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