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MANILA mayor Isko Moreno is Antiqueño by blood. His father Joaquin was a native of San Jose, Antique. And because of this, many expected him to perform well in Antique in the recent presidenti­al election.

But lo and behold. Isko was only No. 4 in Antique with total votes of 22,126. No. 1 was Leni with a whooping 142,663 votes. Bongbong was No. 2 with 115,027 votes while Manny was No. 3 with 30,190 votees.

What happened, mga Antiqueños? Gasuporta gani kamo sa tagaMalabo­n, sa taga- Antique wala?

After Isko won as Manila mayor in 2019, he was right away touted as a possible candidate for president. He was – and still is – popular, being a former matinee idol. He was hardworkin­g and very innovative. Manila improved under his watch.

In Antique, the people watched Isko’s every move. They imagined the Antiqueño occupying Malacañang some day. But on election day, ahay… Even in San Jose, the birthplace of Isko’s father. No. 3 lang sia with 2,826 votes. Leni was No. 1 with 14,327 votes. Bongbong was No. 2 with 11,741 votes.

In the national level, Isko was also No. 4 even if a year before the elections, he was deemed a strong candidate for president.

Ano ang natabo sa kampanya ni Isko? Why did he lose steam?

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