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Digitaliza­tion, customer obsession and sustainabi­lity


THE BANK of the Philippine Islands ( BPI) recently held its annual stockholde­rs with the theme of reinventio­n as the Ayala-led bank outlined a strategy focused on customer obsession, digitaliza­tion and sustainabi­lity. BPI President and CEO Jose Teodoro segment. Five platforms—BPI Online, “TG” K. Limcaoco told BPI stockholde­rs BPI Mobile, BPI Trade, BizLink, and that the bank “will continue to reinvent BanKo app— are already available banking so that we can better serve the today, with two more slated for release evolving needs of our clients” and that this year. “digitaliza­tion, customer obsession and BPI’s ongoing digitaliza­tion journey sustainabi­lity remain to be our focus as continues to reinvent the customer we move forward to a post-pandemic interactio­n and experience. As of 2021, environmen­t.” 4.9 million of its 8.46 million client base were enrolled in digital channels. Of the number, 3.24 million were active, up 20% from the previous year. BPI also has a growing list of over 80 API partners covering nearly 800 products and services, with over 100 million transactio­ns in 2021, a 75% growth from the previous year.


Limcaoco reported that while many companies purposely reduced expenses during the pandemic, BPI spent nearly PHP 9 billion or about 9% of total revenue in 2021 on technology, including new digital initiative­s such as building and improving customer engagement platforms and onboarding new partners in its open banking business.

In October 2021, BPI announced plans to acquire and engage clients through seven customer engagement platforms, each specifical­ly designed to fulfill the banking needs of a particular

Customer Obsession

Limcaoco reported that the BPI workforce also seeks to be “heroes for its customers” with a shift in mindset. In 2021, BPI created a new position for a Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, whose job is to put customer needs first. The bank also launched a concise version of its Core Values wherein everyone in the bank must be N.I.C.E, which touches on the need to be Nurturing, acting with Integrity, being Customer obsessed, and acting with Excellence.

BPI likewise strengthen­ed its coverage of various client segments, by forming a consolidat­ed consumer banking unit that focuses on providing

teachers, defenders and models of healthy human sexuality either in the state of marriage or celibacy.

In a way, there is good reason not to talk too openly about human sexuality, because it touches on very private, personal, confidenti­al matters. Besides, it’s such a sticky thing that it would require some precaution­s before talking about it.

But we really do have great need now, more than ever, to talk about this topic both openly and discreetly, realistica­lly and prudently. Obviously, the more proper venue for this talk would be within the family, and personal

conversati­ons between parents and children, the father with the boys, and the mother with the girls.

Discussion­s of this topic in public should be done in subsidiary roles, focusing more on explanatio­ns and reminders of relevant moral principles than on displaying certain techniques, more on appeal to virtues than on simply enumeratin­g a list of do’s and don’t’s./

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